Сlan Wars Tips Clash of Clans

Strategy for victory in clan war is somewhat different from your usual raids strategies for farm resources. If you have any trouble getting stars in clan war, you must read this article! I will share 5 simple tips that will sure help you.

  1. Know your purpose.

The goal in Clan Wars is simple – stars. You have to get the stars in order to win. Resources don’t matter at all. It can be difficult to agree with this, as most battles in Clash of Clans, usually focused on gathering resources, not for the purchase of trophies. Thus, you must adapt your strategy accordingly.

Remember, you get stars for :

The destruction of the town hall of the enemy;the Destruction of 50% of the base;a Destruction of 100% of the base;Most bases middle managers do not have enough walls to protect all your buildings. Thus, it can be pretty easy to get just one star on an attack – a lot of buildings will be located in unsecured locations, or even at the edges of the base.

Usually people will equip their military bases, so that their hall was in the center of the base. Thus, town Hall is the second-most simple star. If you manage to get to the center of the base, this usually leads to the demolition of the town hall of the enemy.

A common mistake! I see a lot of people applied 75% or more damage base, not receiving a second star. This usually means that you are crushed more than necessary in order to hit the town hall. Most troops will attack whatever is closer to them, and those which have preferential targets are not inclined to choose as their goal of the town hall. Strategic deployment of troops is key to victory. What I’m trying to do is to release first the troops that will drive a wedge into the enemy base to MOP up the approach to the center. Then I can throw a certain amount of distance troops (archers for example), so that their immediate goal was the town hall. This means that you need to keep some troops at the end of the battle.

Complete removal of the enemy bases will give you the third and final star. It can be difficult to do, if you attack a mirror, as the game tends to find matching opponents to the war clans. Thus, the probability that you will completely dominate your opponent is relatively low.

Time is not on your side during a fight, especially if you are trying to get 100%. I saw the attack which had destroyed all because of lack of time, and I was also in a situation where I would have destroyed the town Hall and would have received an extra star if I had a few seconds. Make sure your strategy is fast enough to win!

2. The construction of a military base.

Base on the war of clans, by default, is a copy of your database. It is important that you tuned it for maximum protection of your Ratushi. You’ll probably be against it, but at least a few players who are significantly above your level, and have access to more advanced troops, attacking your base.

I also suggest to create a zone for your protection. For example, do not place all of the mortars within the same cell wall. Otherwise it leaves you vulnerable to attacks by giants. You should also carefully place air defense, so that all possible routes in the center of your base was covered. Otherwise, it may cause the tricky attacker will send air units in the places that are least protected.

While you are setting up a military base, you can also request troops to protect her. Unlike troops you request usually, these troops are not used to attack. They will defend their fortress clan repeatedly, even if they are defeated in previous battles. Also remember that you can expel the troops from the Fortress of the Clan, if they are not what you want.

3. First, scout the opponent before the attack.

During preparation day, you can view the enemy bases. The best thing you can do is to choose the databases which you can take on the maximum number of stars. Once you have done this, let your clan know about your choice. Make sure each person has a unique target for the first attack.

Remember that only the best attack one specific enemy base is an effective strategy. Thus, if you and your other soklan decided to use his first strike on the same enemy, some stars earned will go nowhere.

Early exploration also allows you to plan your attacking forces and to ask for appropriate troops for the fortress of the clan to use the time of the RAID.

Sometimes it helps to plan an attack during the day of training, to train the troops that you plan to use and then find the database that matched your troops then to test your strategy and give the enemy battle. Did you manage to break enough buildings for 1 star? Have you managed to get their town hall? If not, you may need to revise your mix of troops and strategy attack.

4. View replays of attacks.

After everyone made their first attack, it is a good time to take a break and see what should be your next goal. Again, to call his second goal in clanchat a good idea, so everyone would know where you plan to hold its second attack.

The most powerful thing you have in your Arsenal is the attack replays. Remember that the enemy can no longer make changes to their bases or troops of the fortress clan, so traps and troops you see in the replay. Also, you can find out where their hidden Tesla.

If you see how powerful army in the Fortress of the clan, you can change your strategy to deal with them.

5. The battle in the war of the clans require different strategies.

Usually, when faced with the battle for resources, the cost of your army is not the latest issue. You can use spells, giants and stheneboea sparingly, as they are relatively expensive. Rewards in the clan war much more even if base is relatively weak. In addition, you bring benefit for the whole clan with every star you earn. Thus, the price of your army can be much higher. You need to go for broke!

The enemy troops in the fortress of the clan can make Your attack valovoy. Usually during the farm to find a fortress full of troops clan is not very typical. In clan wars, fortress clan which is full of good troops is almost a guarantee. It is also likely that they were the most pumped player from an enemy clan. The fortress of the clan has a long range attack, and this makes it possible to lure those troops to the edge of the map where you can deal with them much easier.

To lure all the troops from the fortress of the clan takes time. If there are many, and you sent one, it is easy to kill a squad to lure them, you will be able to lure on the first try. I also see many people who use the wrong troops or in the wrong configuration to fight with the troops of the fortress of the clan. For example, wizards do splash damage. To assemble troops in one point to attack the enemy mage is not a very smart idea.

For example, if you lure the troops from the fortress of the clan closer to the tower archers, and take 2 lightning spells with you into battle, you will destroy not only the enemy troops from the fortress of the clan and the tower archers and get double profit!