A few tips for survival in the new era of Clash of Clans

Update Dec 2015 the game is fundamentally changed. It is now Clash of Clans version 2.0 – completely new game. Many players still have to work hard to survive in the new world. How to farm now? How to save naturlandia? This article will attempt to give you some important tips.

The new update has brought chaos to all of Cliserv. A lot of innovations appeared in the game at one time. New system boards made defenseless a large number of databases that have never been subjected to any real attacks so far. Before updating, the base was never completely destroyed, so that their weaknesses were not known to their owners. A lot of players really don’t care about the arrangements of the bases, hoping for a chance to get a free shield when they will make 30 %. If you are one of them, you will probably find this guide useful.

You just can’t protect all 3 online at the same time! I highly recommend you only choose 1 resource for savings for some time (or 2 if you ТХ8 and above). Focus on the defense for no more than 2 resources and unnecessary resources should be spent on upgrading walls, traps, and on the production of the troops.

Example: ТХ9 available for stealing more than 200 thousand / 200 thousand / 2 thousand  is usually exposed to the attack of a powerful army as soon as is without a shield, while ТХ9 with 300 thousand / 50-thousand / 2 thousand  are usually not subjected to frequent attack strong armies.

You must place the town Hall in the middle of your base, because it holds 1/5 of your resources, especially if you collect Dark elixir. But it’s totally fine if you use your town Hall as a shield for the resources. Donate 20% of available resources in the defense to keep the rest of it is a good deal. Just remember, placement of bases, which are good at protecting Dark elixir can’t protect gold and elixir, and Vice versa. Minimize your resources and use different base layout to protect different resources.

Now how to farm in Clash of Clans.

It is time to use real-world attack strategies. Snipers in the Town remains forever in the past.

BAM: BAM is Definitely the most effective strategy to farm not dark elixir and other resources. Using all 6 Barracks to train troops, your army will always be ready for the next battle. Details about this strategy you can learn on this link.

Giants and archers: If you have Archer Queen and you don’t want to use dark elixir, go into battle with this strategy. The strategy is suitable for farming dark elixir.

Barbarians and archers: Pretty cheap strategy to farm zabroshennom. If you want to focus on collecting gold and elixir use it. In silver and gold leagues will not be difficult to find the right base to attack.

Golems and mages (and their variations): Use this family of strategies of attack if you permite in Crystal League and above. This, for example, strategies such as Golems, wizards and witches or Golems wizards and P. E. K. K. As. You will easily be able to earn 2 stars from the attack, that’s all it takes to get from 2 thousand to 4 thousand dark elixir and in addition a few hundred thousand gold and elixir. Just try it!

Even more strategies for attack you will find on this link. But remember: nothing is written in stone. Experiment and choose the one that suits you and fits your style of play.