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  • January
    Oilembargo40 was born. After spending Christmas in his parents’ house in the mountains drilling down on the opportunities to improve his employees’ productivity and company performance, our CEO Dave Boyce launches Oilembargo40, a website dedicated to some of the best remote control applications on the scene, as well as top-of-the-line app promotion services.
  • April
    We started working on our first client’s mobile app project. Today, their company has grown to become a successful (and very popular) smart home remote control system. As of today, we continue our mutually beneficial partnership with them and are genuinely happy for their success.
  • December
    By the end of the year, our client base has extended enormously. Our corporate values based on the highest standards of quality and dedication started to come to fruition. Our experts worked non-stop evaluating and reviewing multiple TV apps, PC apps, and smart home apps. Dave’s dream of becoming the major remote control app platform began to take beautiful shape.
  • January
    Hundreds of remote control applications were tested and assessed by our team. While our project was only one year old in 2018, it already boasted an extensive client base and multiple returning (read as: happy) customers.
  • March
    Adam Sartell, Ronald Bryant, and Amy Morton joined our team in March 2018. Ronald and Adam — awesome app devs with brilliant expertise and creative vision — took responsibility for our every project. Amy is our designer, and she’s the BEST!
  • February
    Looking to enhance the quality of our content, in February 2019, we began working with a team of awesome video producers and tech writers. In addition to this, some of the most successful projects we’d worked on so far were launched in February 2019. Those were some truly memorable times of hard work and tremendous success. We believe, our laser-like focus on quality and great customer service were responsible for our breakthrough.
  • April
    Julie Ellis, a very talented tech writer and editor, joined our team in April 2019. Dave, Adam, Ronald, and Amy took her to Mobile Growth Summit 2019 and The Mobile Apps Unlocked 2019 conference with them straight away. They enjoyed the experience and multiple networking possibilities.
    Our pros continued participating in a variety of conferences, summits, and other important mobile industry events. Dave and Ronald attended the App Promotion Summit in London where the world’s top app promotion company CEOs let them in on the most effective growth marketing strategies and tactics.
  • January
    We began our cooperation with an excellent outsourcing app marketing corporation. Despite an ocean between us, these pros have been a pleasure to work with. As of today, we continue working with them and couldn’t be happier about this fantastic partnership.
  • June
    A few important outsourcing partnerships were launched in 2020. Overall, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, so far, 2020 has been the year of further expansion, education, and (slow yet steady) growth for Oilembargo40.
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