Ammyy Admin is a remote desktop access software that allows users to securely and reliably administer a remote PC or server. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use, fast remote desktop software package that only asks for a password to get the connection. Ammyy Admin also has a simple interface that is loaded with pre-configured commands and a simple remote desktop connection wizard, so that even users who are not experienced in remote desktop software can get it up and running quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ammyy Admin a virus?
    Well, if you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be a 'Microsoft' worker to warn you that you have a virus on your PC or other issues and trying to help you fix it through Ammyy Admin, don't trust this person because it is a scam.
  • Is it easy to set up the software?
    Yes, Ammyy Admin requires minimal manual intervention from you. Due to the high level of security, the program protects your information. In addition, the software does not require any special settings for your VPN or firewall.
  • What platforms does Ammyy Admin work on?
    This handy and easy-to-use remote assistant is designed to work with Windows computers. If you often have to work with remote desktops, convenient navigation and other features make this software an excellent choice.
  • How much space do I need to install Ammyy Admin?
    Fortunately, with this remote assistant, you will not have to download a heavy package of files. You will need only 0.5 MB of free space on your PC to download the file and start with a remote connection.
  • Сan I get Ammyy Admin for free?
    Yes, you can download this remote assistant for free for non-commercial use. You only have to take a couple of steps to access the remote control of the required desktop. The software does not require third-party plugins or other operations.
  • Is Ammyy Admin safe to install?
    The official company Ammyy Inc., which has rights to this software, has the necessary licenses and keeps the data of its confidential users. However, this software is considered potentially dangerous due to being often used by fraudsters.
  • Where can I download Ammyy Admin?
    You can download the software for your PC from the official website Simple download and install the latest version for free to control remote PC from any place in the world, without wasting time on additional configurations.
  • How Ammyy Admin works?
    Ammyy Admin uses the ID number to connect via the Internet to the desktop on another computer. Both sides obtain an ID number when the program starts running. After that, the client receives access to perform actions on another computer.
  • How much does an Ammyy Admin license cost?
    The software offers a free non-commercial version with time limits and no additional features. But you can enhance your experience with an Ammyy Admin Premium v3 or Corporate v3 subscriptions.