Angry Birds Friends

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Angry Birds Friends app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets is an installment of the renowned mobile game series. With this app, I get to play six new maps weekly, all of these in a series of tournaments that keep rotating. My opponents are my Facebook friends and contacts. Here’s the app’s full review.

Graphics / Sound

The graphics and sounds used in the App Store and Google Play app for iOS and Android respectively is at par with the leading games in the series. These sharp graphics are in focus with lots of colors, while the sound comes out as fun and whimsical. Notably, the game levels have a tool that gives a possibility to more zoom out compared to their normal levels to make it easy for you to view the whole stage much better. The upgrades and powers alter the bird’s appearance as well as that of the slingshot. Here, the score of the graphics is 4.8/5.

Interface and Controls

The iOS and Android app comes with a great user interface that makes it easy for users to maneuver about the menu items, modes, and levels. This interface makes the game easy to use while increasing the fun on the social aspect of the game as it allows you to view who’s at the top easily. What’s more, the game controls are convenient and straightforward as expected of any Angry Birds game. In this category, I grant the app a solid 4.8/5.


The gameplay of the Android mobile and iOS app is similar to other Angry Birds games, and it involves shooting the pigs and birds. However, the only distinction is that you get to explore new levels, it has a better appearance, and of course, the tournament mode. While on the tournament, it’s possible to see whoever is in the lead. All you have to do is open a tab towards the right side.

Despite being a free app, it also has several in-app purchases whose price ranges between $3.99 and $79.99. While you can still play the game without the purchases, the additional coin bundles offer tokens such as accessories, coins or gems. Those who find it challenging to wait for tickets when playing the Star Cup can update the app to the latest version that allows players to enter matches with Bird Coins.

The game’s replay value is in the two weekly tournaments. Challenging friends from any part of the world, alongside the gradual rewards as you climb the league tables will keep you playing the game again and again. What’s more, the game not only comes as a Google Android app alone but also as an iOS app that is compatible with the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

On gameplay, this app deserves a 4.7/5.


Angry Birds Friends is definitely a big deal. The leading distinction from the other packs in the series is the multiplayer mode and Facebook integration. So it turns what used to be a sitting game, played alone to a leaderboard where you can get to find out how your fellow loners are faring on. Throughout the period it’s been installed on my phone, the game has never crashed on me and has no lags. To me, the game is a must-have, and I recommend it.

Graphics 9

Gameplay 8

Controls 8

Replay Value 7

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