Archer Attack Guide in Clash of Clans

What could be better archers. They are cheap and quickly trained. However, have a significant drawback – they are easy to destroy. So do not rush to throw them into battle all at once. In this article we will look at the tactics of attack only with Archer. Such tactics are good for quick and fast-paced farm.

The key points that you should consider when attacking an Archer:

  1. Splash damage is the biggest enemy archers.2. Always check with a few archers possible places where can be placed the giant bombs!3. This strategy of attack is worth using in any League, no League, where archers would be useful.4. Avoid TH10 bases with infernos set on multiface, even if they are closer to the edge of the base, because you’ll use too many archers. If the infernos are set up on a single target, you can deploy archers, even if it’s Inferno not too close to the edge.5. This strategy of attack is mainly used against abandoned bases. Don’t expect too much from this strategy, chances are that you destroy the town hall or will pay 100% of the total loss is rather low.




To help the Archer take, only lightning spells! Use them to destroy mortars and wizard towers. You can also take one rage spell for your characters. You should never cast a heal for the army archers, because most town Hall levels, defense will kill your archers in one hit, so the spell healing is just useless. It’s a waste of elixir. You should never use the spell of jump to archers, if you need to break through the walls, just take a few wall breakers. You don’t have to use a freezing spell with Archer, the chances of that spell would be useful are very rare.

Rules for attack:

  1. Save the troops! You have 3 minutes to attack, so don’t rush. Use a few pieces of the outside walls on buildings that are out of range of any defenses. This strategy will most of the time give you up to 10% of the total damage.
  2. Throw a few archers (4-8) in places where can be placed the giant bombs. This will help to avoid heavy losses. In most cases, the giant bombs are placed near the outside of the walls.
  3. Try to lure the troops of the fortress of the clan. If you are unable to reach the fortress of the clan, begin their attack from the opposite side database from the place where the fortress of the clan.
  4. Look at the location of the enemy the Archer Queen. She is very dangerous against this strategy of attack, because she can attack through the wall, while the archers will attack the wall to get to her. This situation could ultimately end with a lot of losses. If the Archer Queen is such an unfavorable location, then wait for her to go to the opposite side of the square patrol, then throw a couple archers to destroy the building; repeat the process until the building is destroyed.
  5. Use adequate numbers of female archers to destroy the buildings! If you attack the pedestal of the hero, the hut Builder, a military camp, then 5 archers should be enough to carry it. Remember that archers “disposable” and you have a limited number.
  6. When you start the attack, be quick with the placement of the archers, surrounding the area of attack. If you destroy all the buildings at one time, the defensive unit will not be able to contain you. If you’re going to destroy buildings one by one, you’ll find that you’ll need to use much more archers.

How to deploy archers. There are 2 ways to deploy archers:

  1. Place your archers, starting from the point at which you decided to attack slowly, one by one, follow their line around the base of the enemy. When you have finished surrounding the base, you should stay around 40-60 archers to do the final sweep. If you have no more than 35-38% damage to the enemy at the moment, then you are in trouble. If necessary, in the end, use lightning spells to get the additional interest that separates you from 50% of the total loss.
  2. Surround the entire base with superior instantly, using two fingers simultaneously. In this style of attack, the thumb of each hand has to work in his corner of the base. And then just watch as the enemy base on fire. If necessary, expand the characters in hazardous areas, and use lightning spells if necessary. The disadvantage of this method is that you do not have full control over your army, what could be the reason for spending archers for nothing.