Army Camp

Army Camp as the name suggests is where the troops that are trained in the barracks will be stationed. A maximum of four army camps can be built into the game and the option to build more than one army camp will be available as you upgrade the town hall. The army camp is a 5×5 building and will function even while it is being upgraded and this helps you to ensure that you have a full capacity of the army camp available to you at all times. There is a lot that one has to know about army camps and we will discuss the various features and the upgrades that are available in the army camp.

The Army Camp takes up a 5×5 space, making it the largest structure in the game. They continue to function even when they are being upgraded, allowing you to keep your armies at full capacity at all times. Troops in the army camp do not act like Clan Castle Troops, as they do not defend your village during siege. In the Halloween update, Troops would not die/disappear even after one’s camps are destroyed. Due to people’s support towards keeping this feature, Supercell has made it permanent. Now Troops inside the camp, even if destroyed, don’t perish. The Army Camp is where your troops go when they’re done training. Most troops will take up more than one space (Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins do only take up one space though). Upgrading and building more Army Camps allow more troops to be stored, allowing higher chances of victory in raids. The maximum amount of housing space you can have for your Troops is 240 (4 Army Camps x 60 spaces). This increases to 275 if you include the extra 35 in a fully upgraded Clan Castle.

Upgrade Differences

  • The second army camp will be available when the town hall is upgraded to level 3
  • The third army camp can be built when the town hall is upgraded to level 5
  • The final army camp can be built when the town hall is upgraded to level 7
  • Army camps have higher hit points and therefore can be used as part of the defense strategy by placing them out of the walls and in range of the other defense buildings. The troops that are attacking the village will spend a lot of time trying to destroy the army camp while the defense buildings like cannons, archer towers, etc. can eliminate the attacking troops.
  • There was a Halloween update which allowed the troops to survive even after the army camp was destroyed. Though the feature was to be discontinued after some time, due to popular demand, the feature still exists and has been made as a permanent feature of the army camp.
  • Army Camps do not need protection and therefore there is no need to cover them with walls.
  • It is a better option to build more army camps before upgrading the existing ones as upgrades only increase the space available by 5 spaces, whereas building a new camp will give you 20 spaces.