Attack balls and a hell hound in Clash of Clans

One of the fastest strategies of attack. In most cases, the key to victory when attacking balls and hell hound are heroes. If your heroes are low level, then you better avoid using it. The aim of the strategy is the successful capture of 2 stars. However, when using the heroes of high level 3 stars can be obtained without difficulty.

The strategy for the attack with balloons and a hell hound in Clash of Clans used players with a level 9 town hall or higher. Another name for this strategy LavaLoonion from the English names of troops Lava Hound and Balloon. However, the minions are the constant participants.

Key points to note when attacking with balloons and a hell hound.

  • For the LavaLoonion strategy, you do not need to lure the troops from the fortress of the clan of the enemy! However, if you draw them out quite easily, it is not excluded.
  • The placement of the spells the KEY of this attack! Spells rage or freeze spell can be the cause of the difference between 1 and 3 stars!Some people may assume that this strategy of attack is easy, Yes, it’s pretty easy for a 2 star attack. However, in order to achieve full damage in this attack strategy you need a certain level of skill!
  • As mentioned above, high level characters is the key to this strategy of attack! You may find that not struck the enemy and 50% damage if you use heroes at a low level.
  • Always define the position of the defense! LavaLoonion assumes that the hell hound would be to tank damage for the balls.
  • This strategy of attack will not work on all database types! It’s not a perfect strategy!
  • If the Archer Queen with the edge of the enemy base, it’s better to knock it out with your heroes! It is important to neutralize the enemy Queen, if possible, because it can ruin your attack.
  • Do not take the balloons in the Fortress of the clan! Better to have them as normal troops and have full control over them: how many will be deployed and where.

The recommended composition of the troops.


  • 3 hell hounds.
  • 17 balls.
  • 20 minions.
  • The fortress of the clan: 1 hound.
  • Spells: 3 rage, 1 healing, +1 poison.

TX 10

  • 3 hell hounds.
  • 20 balls.
  • 21 minion.
  • 4 stenobot.
  • The fortress of the clan: 1 hound, 1 ball
  • Spells: 3 rage, 2 freeze +1 poison.

Rules for attacking.

  1. Select the basis for use strategies of attack orbs and a hell hound.

Example a: Never attack the balls of a hell hound and a database.

Base from the example But really not suitable for LavaLoonion attacks! On this basis, the hounds fly to center to destroy buildings, defenses, thus, leaving balloons and minions unprotected, making them an ideal target for mage towers and Archer towers. In addition, the hell hound will have to fly to the center of the enemy, probably taking on the road all the air mines, which will completely kill and will not bring any benefit.

Example B. Attack this type of base with caution.

Attack this base only if you know what you are doing! If you have any doubts with this strategy of attack, try to avoid this base! At first glance, the defense is quite affordable and easy to get to them, but as soon as the first two of them are destroyed, the hounds of hell will travel throughout the base to the other side to get to the rest of the defense, thus capturing all the air mines and either die in the process or get critical hits, making them useless. In any case, this situation will also leave balloons and minions without proper protection.

Example V. This base is perfect to attack balls and hell hounds.

Base shown in the example is good enough for LavaLoonion attacks! What you need to think about when choosing a base to attack minions and balloons in Clash of Clans, so this is about where the defense and what a way to make the balls and the hounds of hell between air defense within the base. In the example in, the attack began on top of the base, go to the bottom and provide enough tanking for balloons to reach, at least 2 stars (50% + th).

  1. Extortion of protection from the fortress of the clan.

If it’s possible and easy, then drag the enemy troops from the Fortress of the clan in the corner, using 3-4 minions then destroy them with poisonous spells or minions. If you do not destroy them, they can spoil an attack, for example, a dragon in the CC. If you are not able to lure the troops from the fortress of the clan or just don’t want, then start the attack.NOTE: do Not use heroes to fight with the troops from the fortress of the clan. They should be stored and used for the removal of the town hall, or if you need a few more points for 50% victories.

  1. Attack

And finally begin to attack. Start releasing 2 Hounds on one side of the base, and 2 on the other side. Don’T throw all 4 Hounds against one defense, because the enemy they will be easier to destroy the splash (mage towers + air traps).

Once you have released all your 4 Hell Hounds, it’s time to release the balloons. Throw them so that half was on one side of the base where you released 2 hounds and the other half on the other side of the base which also previously released 2 hounds, but not throw them all in one place. Balloons should be placed in a line on each side of the base where you decided to attack, to provide them a uniform distribution of damage from defensive structures of the enemy. It will also allow balloons to finish faster with the extreme buildings of the defence and move to the center of the base.

Further, the balls release the minions. They must sweep the enemy base from different buildings which are not involved in the protection of bases, such as collectors and mines, barracks, and warehouse etc. it is Important to release the minions with some delay after the orbs so that the minions don’t waste time on the destruction of the buildings of the defence, which needs to get balls and not dying from air mines and wizard towers.

Now is the time to cast the first spell. Drop one rage spell on each side of where you decide to attack, usually in the middle of this side. This will allow the balls to reach the first air defense and kill them, ensuring the promotion of the Hell hounds further into the enemy base, still providing protection balls.

When your troops have moved into the center of the enemy, ТХ9 throws his last rage spell and healing spell in the middle of the base, where, as a rule, Tesla, crossbow and Heroes. And ТХ10 throws a freeze spell to cover the hell of the tower and everything around her (preferably a Queen, Tesla) and a rage spell to help the balloons to destroy all the buildings before they come out of the freeze effect.

And finally the final stage of the attack. The time has come for heroes. If you survived a certain number of balls, then release the heroes in the opposite side of the base from the point where you’re going balls to clean up the remnants of buildings, and the balloons with the characters would work in parallel to each other. If balloons and minions left, and you took so far only 1 star and hall the enemy in place, let your characters towards the center of the base and take the town hall received a 2 star. there are cases when, after the attack hounds and balloons you did not get even 50% damage. In this case, decide for yourself: or is guaranteed to take 1 star Stripping a couple of buildings on the edges of the base characters, or take a chance and send heroes in the center of the base to simultaneously and finish, the percentage of destruction and to 2 star town hall. But in this case, you risk to remain without stars useless with 48% or 49% damage.