An Indie Hit Game Summer Catchers on Android Soon

One of the most promising indie games of 2019, Summer Catchers, made its debut in July on Steam. The reception was quite good, with reviews mostly positive. And now, by the end of winter, it can make its way to Google Play. It’s already available for those willing to pre-register and get notified when the game arrives.

Summer Catchers is a story-based auto-runner with boss fights and minor enemies for grinding. It features endless levels where you’ll want to find items to unlock the next one, rhythm game elements, and a bit more complicated background than most of these games can boast. It’s hard to develop an auto-runner at the end of the decade and make it really interesting to play, but Noodlecake Studios somehow managed that.

Of course, the Android version will bear a lot of differences, first of all, in terms of controls. The way the game looks on smaller screens will also affect the overall perception and thus, the reception. Still, there is little to mess up in pixelized visuals, and the worlds look good even as we see it in windowed mode.

The release date of Summer Catchers, as well as details like its size, probable price (or that of in-game purchases), or system requirements, are yet unknown. Preorder it to know it all among the first players. Will you? Have you played it on Windows? Do you expect it to be just as good on Android? It will be great of you to share your thoughts and expectations in a comment.

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