A New OS by Google Named Pigweed?

An alternative OS by Google has been heard of long ago. The idea of it has undergone several changes. It was spoken of as “the next Android,” then as “the versatile heir to Android and Chrome OS,” now it is said to cover also wearables and IoT gadgets. The latest name we heard was Fuchsia, but now it may change. Recently Google filed a trademark, and it supposes that the new OS by Google is called Pigweed.

The name first appeared in the Chromium engine code, and in a new version of code meant for Fuchsia (that was undoubtedly in work). In the latter, the name was changed back to “Fuchsia”, but the Internet forgets nothing. The fact of the later editing, as well as the context, is the evidence that the new OS was mentioned there simply by mistake. But it as well proves that the project exists, and it’s similar to Fuchsia (maybe even meant to replace it).

It’s too early to make any forecasts. Maybe Fuchsia and Pigweed will be developed simultaneously, one meant for devices with any user interface, and the other for the IoT industry. But what do you guess it might be? What is Google preparing a new operating system for? Do you want it to be unified or specialized for some certain class of devices? Frankly speaking, we’d rather it was a WearOS replacement, but Google’s plans will probably be different.

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