Google Adds 3 More Digital Wellbeing Experimental Apps

Google’s experiment codenamed Digital Wellbeing is one of the most ambitious ways to balance digital and real activity, enabled by digital solutions. It seems a paradox that a company promoting digital services cares about their limitation in users’ lives, but so it does. Now Digital Wellbeing includes lots of apps for life control, and recently Google introduced three more — so far as demo versions only.

Screen Stopwatch

The most logical one is Screen Stopwatch. It shows you the exact time you have spent today with your screen active. No real-time countdown, because it can make the user nervous. The clock is seen all the time your screen is active; still, it’s not so irritating, and you can easier focus on your current activity.

Active Bubbles

Activity Bubbles is, in fact, a wallpaper. Each time you turn your phone on, it adds a bubble to the picture. The longer you have your screen active, the bigger the bubble grows. In fact, it’s another visualization of Screen Stopwatch. It only works, though, if your home screen remains free from apps you’re using. And so far, it lacks customization options.


Finally, the third one, Envelope, is a combination of an app and some handwork. Like in an extremely simple google Cardboard, it also requires scissors and a sheet of paper. Print a layout, cut it out, and fold an envelope to put your smartphone into. There are two various layouts: one only allows you to make and answer calls, the other leaves access to the camera, so you can take photos and videos, but you’ll need to break the envelope to watch it. So far, there are only layouts for Pixel 3a, but probably others will be added too.

It’s not sure whether these apps make it to Google Play as full versions, but they are at least interesting. Would you use any of them? Why would or wouldn’t you? Drop a comment to share your thoughts; it may change the way we see things.

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