Google Assistant to Get New Notification Control Section

From an experiment with voice controls, Google Assistant has evolved into one of the most advanced of its kind. On your smartphones, tablets, and home devices, it simplifies your interaction with all those various techs and the Internet of information. Along with voice requests and commands, a great thing about it is the information cards it displays when it considers them necessary (and mostly correctly).

Mostly, though, doesn’t mean “always.” It would have been logical to let users decide which sorts of notifications they would like to see. And with the new interface of Google Assistant, this feature finally arrives. The updated menu has a new section named Notifications, where you can adjust its behavior and select what alerts you want to receive.

The settings are highly detailed, offering separate toggles for various types of reminders. So if you are, for example, interested in flights and bookings, but not in calendar events or news updates, you can just turn some of them on and others off. The update may arrive sooner than we expect; it’s so close to ready that it may be a question of weeks or even days.

Do you use Google Assistant? Or plan to use it? Will you find it better with these fine settings? Drop a line in comments to share your opinion, and we’ll be glad.

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