Brain code is a brain teaser game with different kinds of puzzles that are designed to stimulate different parts of the brain. It is a great way to spend time while challenging your brain. The interface is nice and it is easy to use. You can choose to use English, French or Spanish in the interface, which is a good feature. It would be nice if there were more options when it comes to the background color, but the color changes when you change the level, which is also a nice feature.


In this game, you will solve different kinds of puzzles. You can select whatever difficulty level you want to play. It is completely free. There is the demo version, the free version and the paid version. The free version is limited to have only 10 puzzles to solve. The paid version has no limitations. The game is suitable for kids, parents, all ages. If you are looking for a brain puzzle game, you can try this game.


The graphics of the game are very simple. After all, this is not your regular game, this is a puzzle game with a strong accent on puzzles themselves. The game is done mainly in black and white colors. This keeps you from being distracted by the colors, but it also keeps your attention on solutions. It is absolutely black and white, so it takes a little getting used to.


This game has a great variety of different puzzles and is really challenging. But the main reason, which keeps me playing this game for such a long time is the replayability. You can play it for hours and still discover new features. If you get stuck, you can change the difficulty of the level or look up the solution on the official site of the manufacturer and continue without a problem.


This game is an excellent choice for everyone. It is really challenging and will occupy you for a long time. It has a great replayability factor. It is available for free on the official site, so you have no excuse to not try it. You can download it on your computer or on your mobile device. It will not take you more than 10 MB of storage space. If you are looking for a challenging puzzle game, you can try this game.