Brick Rigs is a game where players can build their own vehicles and test them out in a challenging environment. With Brick Rigs, players will get to build vehicles for their mini-figures. The player can choose from a range of bricks to create their vehicle and then select a driving mode, such as racing, destroying, or exploring. Brick Rigs is a video game developed and published by the indie studio, NimbleBit - the creators of Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Brick Rigs available on console?
    Currently, Brick Rigs is only available on PC via Steam. The developer has not announced any plans to release the game on consoles such as Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo Switch.
  • Can I play Brick Rigs with my friends?
    Yes, Brick Rigs has a multiplayer mode. You can join or host a server and play with your friends. You can also engage in various multiplayer scenarios like races and demolition derbies.
  • Is there a tutorial for new players in Brick Rigs?
    No, there isn't a built-in tutorial in the game. However, there are many online guides and tutorials created by the player community that can help you get started.
  • Can I share my creations with other players in Brick Rigs?
    Yes, Brick Rigs has a Steam Workshop integration, which allows you to share your creations with other players. You can also download and use other players' creations in your game.
  • Is there controller support for Brick Rigs?
    Yes, Brick Rigs supports a variety of controllers. However, the game is primarily designed for keyboard and mouse, so some functions might not be fully accessible with a controller.
  • Does Brick Rigs have a single-player mode?
    Yes, Brick Rigs has a single-player mode where you can build and drive your creations in a sandbox environment. The game also has AI-controlled vehicles that you can interact with.
  • Can I damage my creations in Brick Rigs?
    Yes, one of the main features of Brick Rigs is its realistic physics and damage system. Your creations can be damaged or even completely destroyed in crashes or explosions.
  • Can I customize the game's environment in Brick Rigs?
    Yes, Brick Rigs has several different maps you can choose from. However, the game does not currently support custom map creation.
  • Is there a limit to how big my creations can be in Brick Rigs?
    While there isn't a hard limit, larger creations can be more difficult to control and can cause performance issues, especially on lower-end systems.
  • Does Brick Rigs have mod support?
    Yes, Brick Rigs supports mods through the Steam Workshop. You can download a variety of mods created by the community, ranging from new vehicle parts to gameplay tweaks.