Cat Goes Fishing is a fishing simulation game available for iOS and Android devices. The game is designed to be a relaxing experience, where players go on a virtual fishing trip and catch fish through intuitive touch controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which plot does Cat Goes Fishing have?
    This game was released by the Cat5Games Studio in 2015. You play as a cat that catches fish and sells it afterward. You can use different baits and equipment that is available in the store.
  • How to get Cat Goes Fishing download?
    This game is available on Steam, and you can easily get it there for Windows. It doesn’t require a lot of memory, only about 2 GB. It can also be set up on any Windows version and doesn’t need a very powerful processor.
  • Does the game cost money?
    Yes, Cat Goes Fishing costs $150. You can buy it on Steam and start playing right after that. Of course, you can find some unofficial websites that offer a free version of the game, but be careful not to get a computer virus instead.
  • What is Cat Goes Fishing available on?
    The game can be played only on PC. It’s not available for Xbox, PS, or Nintendo Switch, as well as on mobile devices. It was released more than five years ago, so it’s highly doubtful that versions for other platforms will ever appear.
  • How to reset Cat Goes Fishing?
    If you have some bugs or just want to reset the catalog, the game has this function. You should open the catalog and press the reset button for this. All your quest progress will disappear, and you will be able to start from the very beginning.
  • How to play the Cat Goes Fishing full game?
    You play as a cat that should catch the fish. In the beginning, you’re on level 0, and you have one possible bait. The more fish you catch, the more baits and quests you open. Then you can even get a boat to get a bigger fish.
  • How to install Cat Goes Fishing on mobile?
    It is not available for mobile on both Android and iOS. It won’t probably be released for phones either, so you can install it on PC if you want to try this game.
  • Is Cat Goes Fishing free to download on Steam?
    No, there is the only version of the Cat5Games studio. It costs a little more than the similar games on Steam, but it’s one of the first games launched with such gameplay.
  • Where to play Cat Goes Fishing?
    You can play this game on Microsoft Windows. It has quite convenient controls that rarely have bugs. You won’t find Cat Goes Fishing for Xbox, Nintendo, or PS.