Clash of Clans – How to Start Part 2

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategies in the history of gaming. Every day it is played by tens of millions of people, which bring the developer (the Finnish company Supercell) several million dollars a day. The game is simple to learn but deep. I play it every day for several months and still discover new directions.

Why Clash of Clans is so popular? First, because of the high quality. Secondly, there are a lot of ways to spend money. Resources to speed up the construction of buildings and training of units, to upgrades, to increase the productivity of mines, clearing of land, for protection from attacks by other players, decorative buildings. But spending money is optional. Clash of Clans is free to play, without feeling slighted. And here’s how to do it.

How to start

— The game has four resources: gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. Crystals is a universal currency, they are converted at all. And they are the most valuable resource. To save them long and hard, and spend very easily.

In the beginning of the game give a large supply of crystals. Don’t spend them on resources and the acceleration of the construction of buildings and training units. Invest in the most important — hut builders. The more builders the faster you will develop.

Crystals are earned by clearing the area from rocks, bushes and trees and by obtaining achievements (achievements).

— The easiest way to earn a lot of crystals to achieve Sweet Victory (450 units). For this it is necessary to increase the rating up to 1250.

— First of all, do upgrade the town hall, buildings of defense and attack. Storage upgrade as needed. The mine last but not least: the money earned in the game are mostly robbery.

— Do not climb at once in multiplayer. First, spend a few dozen battles in single player mode. Case, it is wasteful (of resources for plunder enough to win at first hard), but will gain experience and pump.

How to attack

For war in Clash of Clans there are two motives: resources and place in the rankings (global and separately for each country), League and clan. The League not only affects self esteem, but also on the size of the bonus, which is given for the victory. Downside: the higher the rating, the harder the opponents the more you will be attacked.

— For each battle, the army recruited newly. All units, even the survivors, after the battle lost. In the recruitment of the army carefully consider how much it cost you. And grab the opponent with the expectation that the battle has paid off and how much profit.

— The army needs to be diverse. Different units are good for different tasks. Giants — perfect tanks: slow, but with more health, attack the first tower. While not demolish all the towers in the enemy garrison not paying attention (and that vulnerable). Barbarians and archers are weak and attack the first building, and if there appear the enemy soldiers, switch to them. Mages are also weak, but their fireball cause much damage. Goblins weak, but incredibly fast and the first thing to attack resource buildings; perfect for a robbery. Most air units are extremely vulnerable to air units, but very good against ground targets. And so on.

— The most simple and effective strategy: find the enemy with a small number of defense to carry most distant and protected, to produce “tanks”, under cover to blow up the wall, to demolish the remaining air defense, then landed physicians, to wait until the vanguard will carry all or most of the defense, release the goblins to looted all to hell.

— Attack the weak. Better to spend money on selection of the enemy than to lose a battle and stay in the red.

— If the enemy is strong, but with plenty of resources, you can agree to a notorious defeat for the sake of resources. You make good money, even if you demolish only the part of mines and storages.

— Several times a day you have to gather resources from the mines and move into storage. If people haven’t played, mine will overflow and will stop producing. So pay attention to the filling of the storages. If the enemy has a lot of resources, but the store is filled a little, then the bulk of resources is in the mines. And mine, unlike stores, typically located on the periphery of the base, they are easier to sack.

The higher level hall, the more expensive each opponent.

— To win and receive the bonus is enough to demolish 50% of buildings. But the rating will rise slightly. Ideally, it is necessary to carry 100% of the base.

— During the upgrade of the tower inactive. Consider this when attacking and when defending.

— Keep units in reserve to protect against garrison. Garrison may not be, but if he is, then the probability of a loss increases dramatically.

— Napoleon said that the most important military welcome — the concentration of forces on one narrow area. Clash of Clans is valid the same rule.

— Units can’t specify what and in what order to attack, they choose targets. So when planting, be careful. It may happen that a detachment will divide, doctors kontsentruytesya on the secondary unit, and the main will be left without cover and will perish. In most cases this can be avoided by proper site selection and order of attack. But not always.

— Try to quickly get a barbarian King and the Archer Queen. Creation resources are spent only once (and then upgrades), but using them can be infinite, both in defence and in attack.

To create the barbarian King you need 10,000 dark elixir. How to earn it fast? Find a strong opponent with plenty of resources. Don’t attack him, just fucking a few times the zipper in the store. The reward will be a few hundred or a few thousand pieces of dark elixir.

— Looted a lot of resources? Try as much as possible to spend on upgrades and new buildings. While training the new army, you can attack and take the loot.

After the December update 2015 win bonus was otherwise to accrue. Now he no longer depends on the location of the player in the League, and is calculated based on the percentage of destroyed buildings. To get the largest bonus is not enough for you just to have a high rating, you need to destroy as many structures as possible.

— Earn every day five stars to get the star bonus. If you can with the attacks of the towers of the opponent to a total of five stars, then you get a bonus in the form of elixir and gold coins. The amount of remuneration depends on your position in the League.

— Take revenge on your oppressors. Revenge in Clash of Clans you can and should enjoy, because it brings significant dividends. In the journal of defense there is a special button called “Revenge”. It provides the most important information to enemy villages: the amount of resources and numbers of troops. Pick a moment when he is most vulnerable and attack. For a successful attack you get the bonus of the League and stars.

— The game has a large number of spells. Use all, but try to pump primarily the following three: lightning, frost, and gain.

— Lightning is the most effective spell. She enjoyed the players of all levels. The time of its preparation less than other spells and it gives an important advantage. One lightning strike, you will be able to break a couple of buildings and plant on the vacant place of their riders or Golems right inside the enemy base.

Freeze is always useful in an attack on a high-level of TX. Players at the tenth level of the town hall are usually surrounded their fortress infernal towers. These defenses can disrupt a well-planned air attack. To prevent such a failure will always help freeze. It neutralizes the whole defence system in a radius of its action and gives your army a chance to break through.

— Increased briefly turns your troops into a brutal group of monsters, sweeping everything in its path. When you got to the centre of the village, there is nothing better than to accelerate the destruction of the town hall. A nice feature of this spell is that it applies to squadrons of aircraft and foot units.