Clash of Clans Tips for Beginners [Train & Build, Attack]

How to Attack in Clash of Clans

You will need to balance defense and attacks in Clash of Clans to succeed and get enough resources to upgrade. There are a variety of Clash of Clans army strategies, but you can use a bit of strategy to know which troops to upgrade first and how to compose an attacking army. The video below lays out one of the best ways to upgrade your Clash of Clans troops.

You also need to know where to attack and how to attack in Clash of Clans. You can’t direct your troops once they are on the ground. This makes Clash of Clans strategy something you need to do before you start placing troops. Some troops, like Barbarians, will run right to the closest building. This leaves them open to attack from a mortar or other defense that is just a few steps further away. If this is the case you need to send giants in first or wall breakers to allow a path into the base

Train & Build While You Attack

Always be training and building in Clash of Clans.

You need to make sure that you aren’t only focused on defense or offense. You should be upgrading your base and training more troops while you attack. It takes a long time to upgrade bases and buildings and if you need to train a lot of troops it can take upwards of 20 minutes. Make sure you are constantly monitoring your base and troops so that you don’t end up waiting and waiting just to play. After you get started you will need to adjust your troops and your strategy to go for trophies or for resources. If you are attacking for resources this is commonly called “farming” as you are farming resources.

Upgrading bombs

Upgrade your bombs whenever you have the chance. Also, after you are attacked by someone and if the bombs or the traps are activated during the raid, you will have to re-activate them in order to work.

Troops from the Clan Castle

However, the troops that are in Clan Castle, which are deployed when others are raiding your village, will actually come back. Keep in mind that those troops will be deployed by other Clan Members. So, whoever survives the raid, will be ready for a next one.


If you are new to Clash of Clans, it might sound strange when we’ll tell you that the troops that are deployed in a battle will automatically lose even if they die or not in that raid. Make sure you deploy only the necessary troops; do not deploy more than needed, because those are lost troops (resources).

Getting attacked

The players will not be able to attack your village while you are online. However, if you don’t have the shield on while you are offline, they can attack you anytime they want. You can get a free shield by moving your Town Hall to an unsafe spot, and ask a friend to destroy it. You will lose some Trophies, but you’ll get a free shield, meaning that the players will not be able to attack you for a period of time while you are offline.

Get Some Free Elixirs (And Save Them While You’re Offline)

Supercheats offered these cheats for those looking to get (and keep) more elixirs.For this cheat, you’ll need barracks (any level), army camp (any level) and laboratory (any level).

First, choose a troop to upgrade in the laboratory.

Let’s say Wall Breakers for instance.

As the timer gets close to running out on the upgrade, fill up your army camps with any type of troops.

Then, fill up all your barracks with whatever troop is about to be finished upgrading (in this case: wall breakers).

They will sit in the barracks and not be able to go to the army camp, due to camp’s filled to capacity.

Once the upgrade is completed in the laboratory, sell back the troops (wall breakers) that were sitting in the barracks.

You’ll get the upgraded elixir-cost, instead of the cost you originally paid for the wall breakers.

Archers are Better than Dragons

The first time a dragon attacks your village or a defending dragon comes out of a clan castle, you may immediately think, “I need dragons to win” as well.

That’s not the case at all. Dragons are great, but they are also slow, take thirty minutes to make and take up twenty archers’ worth of space. There is strength in numbers. Level up your archers and camps so that you can tear through villages like they’re papier mâché. Also, by using archers you can pull off multiple attacks within an hour rather than waiting an hour for your troops to be ready again. Wait an hour to attack and somebody will probably attack you in that window of opportunity.

You should also level up your barracks so that you can better distribute the time needed to make troops. Also, leveling up Barracks allows you to train more troops. Before going into battle, you can queue up troops up for your next fight. So by the time you’re done battling, you already have more troops ready to go.