Clash Of Clans Top Looting Strategies

Town Hall Level

First of all, you need to consider your Town Hall Level. You need to understand that the lower the Town Hall level you have the bigger the loot is. What that means is that looting the same level Town Halls will get you an even loot, looting lower level will get you less and looting higher will get you more. I’m not gonna go into all the % and stuff but it dramatically changes once you upgrade to Town Hall Level 8. You will lose like 50% of the loot for lower Town Halls than yours and it’s going to be very difficult at first to loot.

Trophy League

For this looting strategy you will need to remain in a relatively low trophy league (not too low though) so that your looting is not too hard but where you can find high loots fast. For example, on Town Hall level 7-8 you want to remain in the Silver League 1-2-3 in order to be comfortable looting easily and fast.

Stay a but lower if your Town Hall is lower level and Gold League if your Town Hall is 9.

Attack Strategy

Basically, when you’re looking for a looting attack strategy there are a few things that you want to look for:

  1. a) It must be relatively fast troops training, somewhere around 15-25 minutes between attacks, (without using any gems to boost your speed).
  2. b) Your strategy cannot rely on the use of multiple spells to succeed as they take like 30 minutes to produce per spell. You want a good strategy that will work using ONLY your troops. Your spells are only a bonus i.e. you only use them in desperate need or for mega loot bases.
  3. c) The total cost of your troops per attacks must not be extremely high, it should be anywhere around 40-90k per attack. For example, using a crazy dragon raid would cost you over 250k and take hours to make. Even though it’s very powerful it’s not time efficient and you’ll end up making much less loot per hour of play.

My favorite, most effective loot strategy is as follow. This is with a Town Hall Level 8 and above, but you can adjust it for lower Town Halls as well:

1) 10 to 20 Maxed-Out Archers

2) 15-20 Maxed-Out Giants

3) 1 Maxed-Out Healer

4) 5-10 Maxed-Out Mages

5) 10-15 Minions (optional, mostly for faster speed of training of army & cleanups)

6) Maxed-Out Healing Spells Only, no rage spells (for emergency use only)

You also want to max out your army camps so that you can have the most possible amount of guys, for Town Hall Level 7-8 that would be 200 troops total. You also want to max out your army camps so that you can have the most possible amount of guys, for Town Hall Level 7-8 that would be 200 troops total.With the above choice of the army, the good thing about it is that I will often be able to raid villages without using my full army, maybe 60-75% so that the time until my next raid is as little as possible. Don’t pick bases that are way above your strength, look for easy bases with 300k to 700k combined resources minimum to raid. Look for villages with inactive players, evidenced by the no league assignment on the top left. Those villages are always the easiest as the mines & elixir pumps will be filled with resources easy to loot. Even if it takes you 5 minutes to find one by repeatedly hitting “Next”.