While Android users have been experiencing the widgets system for years, Apple users discover this feature with last year's iOS 14 update. Color Widgets app is a practical way to sort and separate sections on your home screen. An abundance of colors and new features will help you to discover all the advantages of widgets. The app presents a wide range of pre-made widgets for any task for which a separate app or setting is responsible. It is also possible to create your own widget design and choose a unique background. If you want to simplify or improve your smartphone usage, you can install Color Widgets in the App Store. 


You can choose the interface which suits your taste and needs. Create a simple and concise or complex and detailed interface with different designs, a rich color palette, personal app icons, wallpapers, and so on. Working with the interface is easy, and you can quickly choose the design for yourself.


Customizing widgets is the major function of the Color Widgets mobile app and includes many settings. You can edit the font, color, and design. For example, widgets like Time, Date, Battery, Calendar, Countdown, and many more to discover are available for customization. Among the designs already created, you can also find a suitable widget for yourself. But if the already existing options do not suit you, create your own widgets with a customization panel. 

To add even more personality, you can change the app icons to custom-themed ones. Available themes include Galaxy, Minimal, Navy, Cotton Candy, and more. You can set full icon packs with Color Widget’s quick install. If wasting time choosing widgets and other functions separately are not for you, there are common themes where many app settings are collected in the same style. So if you want to save time, themes can be a great solution.


Features that the app offers can significantly improve your work with the device and speed up the process. The widget system will become more efficient and practical with the new design. The Color Widgets also offers other settings that make this app very useful, and many Apple users will like it.


The Color Widgets app is available for all iOS and iPadOS devices running on iOS 14 and higher. iPad devices have the best compatibility with an app. If you use the Health app on your iPhone, the pedometer and activity widgets will show your progress and the number of steps that you have completed in a day.


Color Widgets app makes creating personal aesthetic and handy widgets to your home screen easy and enjoyable. In addition, a wide number of colorful themes, unique icons, and other features can become something new and exciting with this app. Customize your widgets and use additional settings to achieve a better result.