Common mistakes when luring and destroying the protection of the fortress of the clan.

Let’s look at the three most common mistakes that allowed players Clash of Clans in the extortion of protection of the Fortress of the Clan and its further destruction.

1. Do not use the troops of the Fortress of the Clan in order to destroy the troops from the Fortress of the Clan of the enemy. This may be the cause of total chaos. Why is this not worth doing? Your troops from the Fortress of the Clan out one by one – one after the other, and worst of all, they appear in the same point. You can’t control the deployment of troops. Enemy wizards or dragons get a convenient moment to kill them with one shot of the splash. Instead, take in the Fortress of the Clan attacking troops: for example riders on the boars and not archers and mages. This will give the opportunity to destroy the defensive structures of the enemy.

2. Do not use heroes to destroy the troops of the Fortress of the Clan of the enemy. With the exception of the situation when you have no other troops, but in order to avoid stock a sufficient number of troops for the removal of the protection of the Fortress of the Clan. Archer Queen can still be sensibly used for the removal of the protection of the Fortress of the Clan, depending on the situation, but the Barbarian King ever. Your heroes have low attack speed but attack power more than they need, while their large amount of health makes them an ideal target for enemy bows and wizards. You are just a useless waste two most important units in the game to work, which is the job for Luke and Barbara.

Here are some statistics and numbers. MAG level 6 deals 270 damage per attack. If you use the hero to kill enemy wizards, you are allowing the mage to cause the hero 270 damage, so the mages of the enemy are used with maximum efficiency. Archer has 44 health. When you use archers to destroy enemy mages, 1 shot will destroy mage 1 Archer. It does not matter what the Demag enemy mage will inflict: 44 or 270.

Clash of Clans attack speed of all troops is slowed down when changing targets. Attack speed mage is 1 shot in 1.5 seconds. But have you noticed how it changes it’s speed when the magician changes the target? Watch. It is best seen on the guns. Let’s see how long they spin when you change the target. But they have relatively high attack speed. This is because perhaps their next target is already destroyed something else. This is another reason why it is better to use archers to destroy enemy spacecraft. Enemy mages will have to constantly change the goals and the speed of their attack will fall.

You will use a high level of damage that is applied to your characters is not effective. The Barbarian king LV 5. deals 210 damage per hit (without taking into account special abilities when damage is increasing). Enemy mage LV 6. has 164 health. The damage your King is spent in the air, better use it for the destruction of the buildings of the enemy.

3. I think that lured all the troops from the Fortress of the Clan? Think twice or three times on it. If you lured a couple of bows or mages, it does not mean that the fortress of the clan is empty. Troops from the Fortress of the Clan out in accordance to their order in the barracks. The barbarians will come out first, Luke second, goblins, third, etc. Troops of the dark barracks troops out after normal barracks as well in accordance with their rank.