Coursera is one of the largest platforms for online learning. It is an education company that offers courses in the fields of computer science, mathematics, business, social sciences, and the humanities. The company has a wide range of courses, from the basic to the advanced level. It offers more than 1200 courses in a variety of languages and is available in most countries of the world.


Coursera is an online education platform that offers free online courses. You can find many courses from top universities and colleges. This app helps you to be connected with the huge online community. It allows you to view your progress and track your favorite courses easily. It provides the details of the upcoming sessions, which gives you the flexibility to choose your schedule according to your convenience.

Coursera app also provides the access to Coursera forums where you can share and discuss knowledge with the community. It also allows you to download your favorite courses for offline viewing.


The app allows you to get access to thousands of courses in different categories. You can learn anything from Coursera on your mobile device. The courses are free of charge and the content is given by different universities and organizations.


The Coursera app is on the top of the list because of its simple design. The interface is easy to understand and the navigation is also simple. It is a great platform for learning various courses from different universities. You can also learn from your mobile device, which is pretty cool.


Coursera is an education-focused technology company that partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Coursera app is very decent and have all the importance features and extra features which make it one of the best app. Coursera app is a great way to learn new skills and knowledge for free. It is a must have app for every Android users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Coursera courses free?
    Some Coursera courses are free, but many come with a cost. You can often preview parts of a course for free. However, to gain full access to course materials, assignments, and earn a certificate, a fee is usually required.
  • How does the Coursera subscription work?
    With a Coursera subscription, you pay a monthly fee to access the courses within a particular specialization. This allows you to work through the courses at your own pace. Your subscription continues until you cancel it.
  • Are courses on Coursera accredited?
    Yes, many courses on Coursera are accredited by leading global universities and institutions. You can earn university credit or a full degree at a much lower cost compared to traditional education.
  • Can I learn at my own pace on Coursera?
    Yes, Coursera's flexible learning model allows you to learn at your own pace. You can start a course whenever you like and work through it in your own time.
  • How long do courses on Coursera take?
    The length of Coursera courses varies. Some can be completed in a few hours, while others may take several weeks. Course descriptions provide an estimate of the time commitment.
  • Can I get a certificate from Coursera?
    Yes, upon successful completion of the course or specialization, you can earn a shareable electronic Course Certificate.
  • What types of courses does Coursera offer?
    Coursera offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines, including Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, and more. They also offer professional certificates and degree programs in partnership with leading universities.
  • When does my Coursera course start and end?
    Each course on Coursera operates on a flexible schedule, meaning you can start and finish at your own pace. However, some degree programs and specializations may have specific start dates.
  • Can I interact with my instructor on Coursera?
    Interaction levels vary by course. Some courses offer direct interaction with instructors through forums or during live sessions, while others may be more self-guided.
  • What is a Coursera Specialization?
    A Coursera Specialization is a series of related courses designed to help you deepen your expertise in a subject. You can earn a Specialization Certificate once you complete all the courses in a Specialization.