Crossy Road

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Very few games were able to make such a buzz on Google Play and App Store as of this one. Created by Australian-based development company Hipster Whale, this product presents a hundred of characters to pick from, stylish graphics, and surprising tiny notes that any Disney fan would find nice to discover. Download family-friendly Disney Crossy Road for free and you can unlock characters, enjoy challenging gameplay, and participate in fair monetization.

Graphics / Sound - 4

The funniest games released in the past few years have these simple premises and Minecraft-like 8-bit design. If you have tried the original Crossy Road before, you should know what to expect. The key mission resembles those in endless runner: your task is to help the character reach its destination by jumping over obstacles without being hit by moving objects. Yellow circles scattered are coins to collect. They are used for unlocking characters, and when you change a character, the premises and the background music change as well, so it adds some surprise to the gameplay. The sound effects include several tunes for each level, and they add to the pleasant experience with this game. Game triggers are audible as well.

The only tiny graphics disadvantage is that at some of the levels it is difficult to distinguish an obstacle from a clear path – that made me puzzled a few times. As far as I remember, I have never faced such a challenge in the original Crossy Road game. All-in-all there is enough control over the character’s actions and movements. I give it 4/5. In general, this is one of the top games I downloaded on Google Play for free.

Interface and Controls – 5

The scenery looks like an imaginary grid, where the playing character can make only one step at a time. Obstacles make the process challenging enough (such as rushing trains, crazy cars etc.). However, you can perform jumps by making short swipes or move the character forward by tapping. The biggest problem comes when you wait for too long before the next move – be aware of an eagle to capture your nice Disney character. So, you must move, or you are dead – just like in real life. The game's philosophy is about getting the highest score without procrastination.

In general, the latest version game interface and controls are dead-easy, so that even small kids manage to play. By the way, Disney Crossy Road is family-friendly not only in its graphics, characters, and gameplay but also in warning about in-app purchases and in providing the opportunity to earn in-game currency by watching video ads. To continue, players should enter their age.

Gameplay - 5

All the characters in the app are classified by the movie. You can play as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Lion King, or (in case you are a bit younger) you would prefer leading characters from Tangled, Zootopia or Wreck-It-Ralph. Every character has its own scenery and obstacles to overcome, so it motivates to get more of them. The gameplay is equally amazing on Android and iOS. Regardless, of what mobile device you start it on (iPhone, iPad, or another device), the performance is flawless and smooth without crashing, bugs or whatever.

Conclusion - recommended

If you enjoy challenging gameplay with well-known characters, nice graphics, and a bit of thrill – make sure you download Disney Crossy Road, as this is one of the most expected releases on Google Play and App Store. Most players say the game doesn’t have replay value and I must agree. However, you will have an enjoyable time exploring new worlds and characters in this well-done app. Recommended. 


Graphics 9

Gameplay 8

Controls 7

Replay Value 8

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