The FIFA Soccer game is a video game that is based on soccer. The game is an official FIFA video game. The game is played with the use of a console, and there are a variety of modes to play in.


FIFA Soccer video game is a simulation of football. The game is designed by EA Sports and was released on September 29, 2017. The player controls a football team and tries to score by prodding it into the goal. The game consists of a pitch with round posts at either end. The playing field is divided into two halves. The players on the team wearing the shirts of the team the player is controlling start from the centre of the field and the opponents start from the halfway line. The players can be controlled with a joystick and control pad for one player and four main game commands: "pass" to pass the ball to a teammate, "shoot" to take a shot at the goal, "tackle" to take out a player on the other team, and "run with ball" to make a dash towards the opponents' goal. The player can also sprint with the ball, change direction with the ball whilst sprinting, and perform skills such as the "dribble" or "triple step" with the ball.

In the FIFA Soccer game, the player is given the opportunity to play as a team. The game has a variety of modes to play in, like a friendly match, a tournament, a season, and so on. There is also a story mode, where the player goes through a season with a team.


The graphics of FIFA Soccer game are fantastic. The players are realistic and the pitch is detailed. The graphics of the game and the movement of the players are fluid and realistic.

The graphics on the FIFA Soccer game are great. The players look like the real people, and this is great for many people who are into soccer.


The controls of FIFA Soccer game are easy to use. The movements of the player and the players on the other team are fluid.

The controls on the FIFA Soccer game are not hard to learn. This is so that more people can enjoy the game, and not just people who are familiar with, or know how to play, soccer.


The replayability of FIFA Soccer game is high. The game is fun and easy to play. The replayability of the FIFA Soccer game is great. There are so many different modes to play in and with that, there are many different things to do. With so many different things to do, one can play the game for hours without getting bored.


The soccer game is a great game for kids and adults who enjoy soccer. There is a lot of soccer to play and there are many different levels to play on. The game is well-animated and has a few realistic features. The FIFA Soccer game is not for everyone. If you are a soccer fan, then you will enjoy this game. It is a little difficult to get used to, but you can adjust the AI settings to make it easier to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I perform skill moves in FIFA Soccer?
    To perform skill moves, you need to use the right stick on your controller. Different combinations and movements will produce different skill moves. It's best to practice these in the training mode before attempting them in a match. The complexity of the skill move depends on the player's skill rating.
  • Is FIFA Soccer available on all gaming platforms?
    FIFA Soccer is available on multiple platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. EA Sports, the developers of FIFA Soccer, also release versions for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, although these versions might not have all the features of the main game.
  • Can I play with my friends online in FIFA Soccer?
    Yes, FIFA Soccer has various online modes that allow you to compete against friends and other online players. You can play head-to-head matches, participate in online leagues, or join together with friends to play cooperatively in Pro Clubs mode.
  • Is there a career mode in FIFA Soccer?
    Yes, FIFA Soccer features a robust Career Mode where you can manage a team and take them to the top. You can handle everything from player transfers, tactics, and training, to interacting with the press. You can also play as a single player and rise through the ranks.
  • How can I improve my gameplay in FIFA Soccer?
    Improving in FIFA Soccer comes with practice. Understand the mechanics of the game, learn to use different types of passes, shots, and skill moves. Playing the game's tutorials and skill games can also be very helpful. Watching professional players and streamers can also provide useful insights.
  • What is Ultimate Team in FIFA Soccer?
    Ultimate Team is a mode in FIFA Soccer where you build your own team using player cards that you earn or purchase. You can compete in various competitions and leagues, both online and offline, to earn more rewards and improve your team.
  • Can I play FIFA Soccer offline?
    Yes, FIFA Soccer has several offline modes. You can play a quick match, start a career mode, or play in tournaments. However, to access features like Ultimate Team, online multiplayer, and some updates, you will need an internet connection.
  • How do I defend effectively in FIFA Soccer?
    Defending in FIFA Soccer requires understanding of player positioning, timing of tackles, and effective use of the contain button. It's also important to change your active player regularly to respond to threats. Practice and experience are key to improving your defensive skills.
  • Can I customize my team in FIFA Soccer?
    Yes, in FIFA Soccer, you can customize your team in several ways. In Career Mode and Ultimate Team, you can manage player transfers. In Ultimate Team, you can also customize your team's kit, badge, and stadium.