Gaming slang in Clash of Clans

There were at you cases that you did not understand what these strange words that I want to tell You the other players, reducing or changing the names of game structures or warriors?

I decided to write the slang of the game, maybe not quite full, but after reading you will understand exactly what you want from other players Clash of Clans.

With confidence I can say that this gaming slang, mostly suitable for beginnerswho just started to play written just for them.

And so, gaming slang in Clash of Clans:

Resources, loot  Resources in the game such as gold, elixir, black elixir

Farm ESTs If you play not only Clash of Clans be sure that you understand this phrase, in our game under the farm mean attack other players to steal as many resources as possible.

Farm cups

It is, in fact, the goal of the game. Be the first, best, strongest. One of the indicators of “best” it’s cups, or as they are called trophies. Trophies are given for a victory in attack or defense. Now, the farm of cups is a quick search of weak enemies for their removal to 100%. Or brought to the edge of the map the town hall, breaking it in a few seconds you will also receive cups.

Khilok, healer, blonde, doctor, healer, angel, hilic and so on…

The so-called simple unit “Healer”

Archer, girls, Archie, archer

A simple unit, Archer

Barbarian, barbels

The first unit in the barracks, barbarian

Bomber, breaker, bomb,

Unit which is designed to collapse the walls “Sceneboy”

The fight, Drago, drago, drag, dragon, etc

All known and loved “Dragon”

Elixir (resource)

Elik, Kampot

Clan battle

Clan War, HF, cw

The rider of the Boar

Hog, bacon, black, boar, Ryder

Giants call – Gig, gigs

That’s all, nothing complicated, can someone be useful. If you have other versions of the abbreviations, or you have something that hasn’t been called yet, feel free to write in comments, let’s help each other.

This article will be gradually supplemented.