Google Home is useful if you use Google smart home accessories. Due to this application, you will also have access to the features of connecting to the Google physical devices, Chromecast, and Google Assistant settings. You can customize everything the way you like.

Interface 4/5

The application is quite simple to use; its design is simple and not overloaded with unnecessary elements. You can create multiple networks for different areas of life and connect your accessories to them. Inside, you can make rooms, including a kitchen, garage, bedroom, and so on. 

On the home page, you will see shortcuts under which the most frequently performed actions are located. You can control everything with one touch. In the feed, you will see what is happening in different rooms, and you can also change the settings to make your home even more comfortable.

Content and features 4/5

Thanks to the app, you can control all smart accessories connected to the Assistant through the Google Home app. It also lets you control your speaker, set-top box, and TV from the Google Home Hub Chromecast. It can also manage Wi-Fi, watch movies and TV shows, plan events, listen to music, and do other things in everyday life.

Due to the extensive list of features offered by Google Home, it can be challenging to manage it first. There are so many functions that you can get confused about them. Besides, it is not clear why some of them are needed at all.

Usability 4/5

The app gives you the ability to customize and control Google Home physical devices, cameras, TV, lighting devices, plan purchases and events, and more. Settings can take time, but the intuitive app makes the process relatively easy.

Compatibility 5/5

You can use the application on Android and iOS devices, including smartphones and tablets. The app is compatible with Google Home physical devices, including Google Nest Mini, Google Home Max, Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast Audio, and Google Nest Wifi. It's also possible to connect it to TVs and speakers with built-in Chromecast technology. 

You can control not only your accessories from Google but also the devices from third-party manufacturers, including Xiaomi Mi Home, Sonoff eWeLink, Broadlink, Yeelight, etc.

In-app Purchases 

You can significantly expand the capabilities of your devices with additional application elements that you can buy. Third-party developers from all over the world also create extra applications.


The app gives you the ability to configure and manage Nest Wi-Fi devices from your smartphone. You will have access to useful functions that make your daily life more comfortable and more streamlined thanks to the planning capabilities. The design of the application also leaves a pleasant impression. However, you can be a little bit confused because of the abundance of functions.