In today's society, we are inundated with notifications, emails, and other forms of communication that keep us from focusing on the present moment. Imagine how much more productive and present you could be if you could remove these distractions from your home. Home+ 5 is the answer. Home + 5 App is a complete home design app that enables the user to complete every step of the design process. The app provides a full range of features and functionalities, such as designing, furnishing, and decorating, as well as a library of high-quality furniture, accessories, and materials.

The Home+ 5 App is a mobile application that looks like a home. The user is guided through a number of rooms in this house, and can touch what they want to learn more about. There is a map of the home, and the user can touch it to see more information. The app has a number of different rooms that are divided into different categories: Travel, Life, Home, Games, and more.