How to protect your resources in Clash of Clans.

Just free shield now nobody will give. And what can we do to protect our resources? The question now asked by many players Clash of Clans. In this article, I’m going to give you the most useful tips to better protect your base.

Do not remove gravestones from your database

Before the upgrade it was important to remove gravestones from your database after you are attacked, to show the attackers that the database is active and the traps are charged with is many frightened, and increased the likelihood that attackers will attack your town Hall, located outside the fence, giving you a free shield. Now, you want to attract attackers with bad troops before the attackers with good troops attacking you. So save these tombstones.

If the town hall is not centered, make sure that the fortress of the clan guarding her

You need to force the attacker to use as many additional troops in order to get the shield. Otherwise, the trophy-hunters will try to save your troops and attack your city Hall with just the Archer Queen. You have to make sure that they use more than 1/3-rd of the total number of troops to get shields.

Place the collectors and mines outside of the walls

You want to shield? You want your attacker weak attacker, isn’t it? Then you have every reason to place the collectors on the outside. Why? Because it attracts those who are not top attacking troops, and which will attack the walls of your base basically your collectors. You also need to keep a number of your collectors full and not to collect them all! They will involve attacking the weak troops and you will get your shield! Much better attacked by archers and barbarians than wizards and Golems of peck.

Dark elixir drill should be either protected

Hide well of the black elixir for their gold mines, elixir collectors and other defensive structures. Why? Because attacking a weak point tend to attack unprotected wells of dark elixir and then to complete the attack. Some don’t even know how to calculate how much dark elixir is inside the bore so they don’t even notice that it was empty. Leaving wells black elixir under some protection, forcing the attacker to use more troops and they will be forced to simultaneously destroy and a number of other buildings, so you get your shield.

Do not worry if your gold mines or elixir is not as well protected as storage dark elixir and your town hall

It is impossible to have balanced protection for all your repositories currently, so many stores scattered around the base. Don’t forget that the vaults now hold less than production for the theft, as part of her moved to the town hall. So they are a bit less valuable. This means that you should not too much attention to pay to protect them. If you have a bunch of stores, and city hall in the center, I can already tell you that this is a bad base. Why? Because it would mean that the attacker is sufficient to open the way to the center and there is all your resources to take, and this will attract more experienced players with good troops (not barbarians and archers).

Builders huts should be placed on the outside walls

The hut builders small and fragile and easy to destroy. They are ideally suited to the striker inflicted more damage to gain the necessary 30% for your shield.

Well, I hope this will help you to improve results in the defense and to minimize the loss of resources. Thank you for reading!