Liebherr SmartDevice

Enjoy more comfort with the Liebherr SmartDevice app because this and your smart fridge are the perfect additions to your smart home. The app becomes your everyday companion, enabling you to conveniently control your fridge while on the move. The optimal temperature, for example, can be set in the fridge or freezer even from the aisle in the supermarket. The food bought can then be stored at home at maximum cooling performance in a way that preserves vitamins.

This and other connections to various smart home systems make our appliances more compatible from day to day. The smart fridge can thus be seamlessly integrated into your smart home and controlled more intelligently, with individually defined rules set according to your wishes. Status messages, e.g. relating to doors being left open, are sent directly to your smartphone as push notifications.

The key functions of the SmartDevice app are summarised here:
+ set cooling temperature
+ access appliance status
+ activate and deactivate functions such as SuperCool and SuperFrost
+ manage alarms and reminders
+ access information about functions and options
+ connect app to other partner services

Want to find out more? Discover further functions directly in the Liebherr SmartDevice app.