Pico Park is an endless runner game developed by Miniclip. It is an endless runner game, meaning that the player will automatically be running, and it is up to the player to avoid obstacles in the way. The game's goal is to keep running until the player crashes into a block, in which the game will end.

Install Pico Park is a creative and imaginative game that lets you experience the joy with many exciting mini-games.


The goal of the game is to run for as long as possible without crashing into an obstacle. Along the way, there will be different obstacles that the player will have to avoid. The player will have to collect coins scattered throughout the map, avoid the obstacles, and collect the coins without crashing into them.

-Fun and imaginative exploration to find the hidden secrets;
-Engaging puzzles and mini-games;
-Unique and refreshing gameplay.


Download Pico Park game is made in cartoon anime style with bright and vibrant colors. The player will control the character Pico in a game with a large head and small body. The background of the game is a cartoon city in an anime style.

The player will be controlling a small Pico character with a large head. The player will have to avoid the obstacles in their way by jumping over them and collecting the coins. You will crash, and the game will end. The player can play as either a solo player or with other Pico characters.

The game is multiplayer, meaning that the player can play as a solo player and play with their friends if they are connected to the game. The player can play the game with any number of friends. You can decide how many people they want to play with.


This game is a simple, endless runner game that is easy to play and is entertaining for people of all ages. It is an endless runner game, where you have to avoid obstacles.