Pico Park is an endless runner game developed by Miniclip. It is an endless runner game, meaning that the player will automatically be running, and it is up to the player to avoid obstacles in the way. The game's goal is to keep running until the player crashes into a block, in which the game will end.

Install Pico Park is a creative and imaginative game that lets you experience the joy with many exciting mini-games.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pico Park?
    It is a multiplayer game where you need to cooperate with your teammates to solve different puzzles. You have to find a key to get to the next level, and you can do this only in a team. Pico Park can be played by 2-8 users.
  • Can Pico Park be played online?
    Yes, there is the Pico Park: Classical Edition that supports playing it online. Up to 10 players can join the game. You can install this version on Steam and play it with other users.
  • Is there a Pico Park Android version?
    The official version of the game is not available for mobile playing. However, some developers make similar games, and you can find some of them on Android. If you want to play the official game, you should install it on Steam.
  • What to do if I can’t join the lobby?
    There is an algorithm you should follow to start playing. All players should get the game and be friends on Steam. Then somebody starts the game, and other users can join it. If you’re the only one who can’t do this, try to restart the game or create your lobby.
  • How many levels does Pico Park have?
    There are 48 levels, and you should find a key or several ones to pass all of them. The game isn’t finished at this point, and you can play the endless mode that will never end. Also, there is a battle mode that is also quite funny.
  • How many players can play the Pico Park full game?
    The latest edition allows up to 8 players at the same time. There should be at least two of you to start playing. However, the Classical edition allows up to 10 players in one lobby. You can play with your friends or join the online play mode.
  • How to start a Pico Park Mac download?
    This game is currently unavailable for Mac, and there have been no details about the possible launch yet. The developer said that they were planning to release the Mac version, but the game is available for Microsoft Windows right now.
  • Which platforms does Pico Park support?
    You can play Pico Park on Microsoft Windows 7 or later, 64bit. You need to have at least 4 GB of free memory on your device. There is also an edition that is available for Nintendo Switch. You can play the Pico Park game online, but first, you need to install the game.
  • Where can I launch Pico Park download?
    The game is available on Steam if you want to play it on PC. If you want to get it for the Nintendo Switch, you should visit the Nintendo Switch website. You can find all the information on the official Pico Park website.