Prodigy Math Game is a game for kids who are learning math at school. The game is designed to be an idea space to help kids explore and develop their math skills. The company behind it is called Prodigy, and it is a fun way to learn math for both kids and adults. The game has no ads, and is designed to be as fast as possible.

You don't have to be a genius to create your own fantastic math game! Prodigy Math Game will guide you through the steps of making your own game. Using the innovative graphical programming environment, you can create a world of complex puzzles or a simple game of skill. To get started, you will be guided through the design process from beginning to end. Along the way, you'll learn how to use the Scratch programming language to create your games.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age group is Prodigy Math Game designed for?
    Prodigy Math Game is designed for students in grades 1-8, typically between the ages of 6 and 14. The game adapts to each individual player's skills and learning speed, making it suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.
  • How can I track my child's progress in the game?
    Parents can create a free parent account to monitor their child's progress. The dashboard shows the child’s math progress, areas of difficulty, and offers suggestions for improvement. It’s a great tool for parents to understand their child’s learning journey.
  • Is Prodigy Math Game safe for my child to play?
    Yes, Prodigy Math Game is safe for children. It is COPPA compliant and has strict privacy policies in place to protect your child's information. The chat feature is also heavily moderated and filtered to prevent inappropriate language.
  • Can Prodigy Math Game be played offline?
    Unfortunately, Prodigy Math Game requires an internet connection to play. It's an online platform that saves progress on the cloud, allowing players to access their game from any device with internet connectivity.
  • Does Prodigy Math Game cover all math topics?
    Prodigy Math Game covers a wide range of math topics aligned with common core standards. These include number sense, operations, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and pre-algebra, among others.
  • How does Prodigy Math Game make learning fun?
    Prodigy Math Game uses gamification to make learning fun. Players embark on quests, battle with friends, earn rewards, and level up their characters, all while answering math questions. This makes learning more engaging and enjoyable for children.
  • Can my child play Prodigy Math Game with their friends?
    Yes, players can add friends in Prodigy Math Game and compete in friendly math battles. This feature encourages social interaction and a bit of friendly competition among peers.
  • Can I use Prodigy Math Game for homeschooling?
    Absolutely, Prodigy Math Game is a great tool for homeschooling. It provides a fun and engaging way to practice math skills and can be used as a supplement to your child's homeschool curriculum.
  • How does Prodigy Math Game adapt to my child's learning level?
    Prodigy Math Game uses adaptive learning technology. This means the game adjusts the difficulty of math questions based on your child's performance, ensuring they're always challenged but not overwhelmed.