Samsung Smart Home app that is called SmartThings App is an application that can be installed on major mobile operating systems. With its help, you can add new devices to the system, control those already added, assign automation rules, receive notifications via push and SMS, and much more.

Interface 4/5

The application interface is quite intuitive. You need to add supported devices to the application using an automatic device search. The hub scans and finds available tools, then lets you select the ones you want to connect. A couple of taps on the screen is all that is required for most devices. After that, you can group appliances by room (for example, living room or kitchen) and assign their actions. You can use almost anything to trigger an action, from other devices to your presence or a specific time of day. Detailed instructions and helpful tips are included.

Content and features 4/5

SmartThings, like many other smart home platforms, has the following abstractions: rooms, scenes, scenarios. Devices are grouped into rooms. You attach specific gadgets to one place in the application and call it “Kitchen”, “Bathroom”, “Hallway”. There are also Scenes - these are situations: its own set of device states characterizes "sleep", "rest", "work", "watching a movie" — each of the situations. Scenes and rooms on the app screen. 

Finally, Routines, which are automation rules. By default, the program has four scenarios: "I'm back", "Good night", "Bye", "Good morning". You can configure the script's activation on the condition of the coming of the morning, or in the event of movement, or in the case of opening the door, and so on. For example, you can forcefully disconnect your tablet from the network when it is 11 p.m. to prevent yourself from getting stuck on the Internet instead of healthy sleep.

Moreover, the SmartThings program on the phone has an exciting feature. The app is remembering your typical actions. When you use your phone a lot, it starts to tell you how best to configure scenes based on the most frequently used applications.

Usability 3/5

The application has many useful features. It can be customized to suit everyone's daily life, making it more simple and more orderly. However, the installation process itself can be lengthy and quite challenging. Furthermore, you can face some bugs that also require patience during installation.

Compatibility 5/5

SmartThings apps are released for Android, iOS, Tizen, and even WatchOS. Of course, in its tablets and smartphones, Samsung has implemented SmartThings at a deeper level, with more features and convenience. But in general, Samsung devices are not required to control SmartThings.

Also, many actions can be performed from the third-party web console ActionTiles. It is often used as a touchscreen interface for centralized control.

In-app Purchases

A plugin system is provided for adding new devices to the system. You can purchase plugins from the plugin store as needed so as not to bloat the app on the phone.


The app will give you the ability to customize and use various smart home devices. Setting up automation, scenes, and rooms can be tricky, but once you're done setting up, you can fully experience the beauty of using this app. To quickly get through the Samsung SmartThings settings, we recommend that you ask someone who has done this before for help.