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Take an adventure at Shopville with Shopkins World and earn coins. Shopkins World, a popular iOS and Android app contains up to 15 shops where you can have fun and make friends. You also get to discover your own style as you travel to your destination.

Graphics and Sound (4.2/5)

Shopkins World incorporates incredible graphics. The visual appearance is very attractive. The bright theme colors depict the concept of the game. Shopkins love to buy colorful things such as jewelry and candy. They also like fashion which makes the beautiful graphical aspects compatible with this theme. The object design is lovely, evoking immersion in the game. The graphics developers also did an excellent job in ensuring that all the objects are correctly organized. The whole appearance looks classy and elegant and entices you to keep playing. The sounds are cheerful and soft, and they complement the graphics.

Interface and Controls (4.3/5)

This iOS and Google Android app have a convenient and easy-to-use interface. The UI is consistent such that the patterns and expectations of the outcomes can be predicted. This makes it easy for you to make significant progress in the game faster. The UI is also responsive. When you click a button or execute a command, the move is made without delays. You can, therefore, unlock many levels without a hitch as the fun-filled experience intensifies. The intuitiveness of the UI also keeps you engaged as you navigate through the game. The smooth and fast execution of the controls makes this game suitable for its genre. However, the interface may be less effective if your device isn’t linked to a stable Internet connection. For advanced user experience, it is essential to update to the latest version.

Gameplay (4/5)

This Google Play app for Android mobile and App Store app for iOS contains in-app purchases. As you play, the coins can be used to unlock rewards and other characters. Collect coins from the interaction and strolls in the streets. Shopkins World also has high replay value. Replaying is interesting because it helps you acquire more experience and even master the skills to help you perform better. Shopkins World can be downloaded for free. These gameplay aspects are similar on both iOS and Android devices.


Shopkins World is one of the leading apps in its game genre. The incredible graphics and interactive user interface create an immersive gaming experience. Spending leisure time interacting and doing creative activities can act as a stress reliever as well as a cognitive sharpener. Based on my experience with this game, I think it is suitable for young children preferably between the ages of three to ten. The graphics and cartoon-like objects can accommodate fun and learning experiences for them. I found it somewhat dull with no educative features for an adult. However, this should not prevent you from trying it out. If you want it, visit your Google Play Store or App Store.


Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 9

Replay Value 8

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