Smart home app - Smart Life All intelligent devices manufactured by Smart Electronics are controlled through the smart home application, which is installed on a smartphone. This article will provide an overview of the functions of the Smart Life application and the specifics of working with this application.

Interface 4/5

The Smart Life app is easy to use, and its interface is intuitive. The section "My Home" (located in the lower-left corner) separately displays the devices installed in each room. So when you click on the Corridor tab, icons of available smart devices are displayed, such as a door sensor and light in the corridor. Simultaneously, the device icons have a button that allows you to turn them on or off with one click. To set up a smart device, for example, change the lighting color, you have to click on the screen and make additional settings. You can change not only the color but also indicators such as brightness and saturation.

Content and features 4/5

You will have access to various useful functions that will make your home more cozy and comfortable. In addition to controlling physical devices, you can monitor electricity and manage your household appliances remotely. Voice control available via Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. You can share tools with family members. You can set up notifications to provide the safety of your house.

In the automation tab, the script icons are displayed. There is a button that allows you to launch or disable smart script with one click on the image itself. The Select Smart section has the Execute Instant Scenes and Select Automation subsections. The first will contain all instant scenarios, such as closing the curtains, turning the TV down, cleaning, turning on the lights in the hall, turning on the air conditioner, and so on. We select the necessary scenario from the list and again find ourselves in the settings. You can configure such conditions as when the weather conditions change, when the location changes, set a timer when the device status turns.

Usability 4/5

The application allows you to fully control your smart home's physical elements, making them even more convenient in everyday use. With the app, you can also control lighting and temperature. Installation and setup take time and trial and error.

Compatibility 4/5

Smart Life Smart Living is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. It’s also available for users of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

In-app Purchases

You can make some purchases to expand the functionality of your application and make your smart home even more comfortable.


Smart Life application makes smart home control as convenient and comfortable as possible. So the user can turn on any smart device or create smart scenarios with one click. Besides, you can control devices using a smartwatch. Thus, Smart Life is a great app for your smart home, capable of controlling over a hundred smart devices at the same time.