Smart home app - Smart Life All intelligent devices manufactured by Smart Electronics are controlled through the smart home application, which is installed on a smartphone. This article will provide an overview of the functions of the Smart Life application and the specifics of working with this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I add a device to the Smart Life app?
    To add a device to the Smart Life app, first make sure your device is set up and ready to connect. Then, open the app and tap on the plus sign in the top right corner. From there, follow the prompts to add your specific device.
  • Can I control multiple devices with the Smart Life app?
    Yes, you can control multiple devices via the Smart Life app. You can organize your devices by room, create automation rules, and even set up scenes for specific situations, like "leaving home" or "going to bed".
  • Can other members of my family use the Smart Life app?
    Yes, the Smart Life app supports multiple users. You can share control of your smart devices with other members of your household by inviting them to the app.
  • Does the Smart Life app work with Alexa?
    Yes, the Smart Life app is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa. This means you can control your smart devices through voice commands, creating an even more seamless smart home experience.
  • Can I use the Smart Life app if I'm not at home?
    Yes, as long as your smart device is connected to the internet, you can control it from anywhere using the Smart Life app. This can be useful for turning off lights or appliances that you may have left on by mistake.
  • Can I schedule tasks with the Smart Life app?
    Yes, the Smart Life app allows you to schedule tasks for your smart devices. You can set a specific time for lights to turn on or off or schedule your thermostat to adjust the temperature at set times during the day.