Smashy Road: Wanted

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Smashy Road arcade is an enjoyable time-killer inspired by earlier Grand Theft Auto versions. The gameplay isn’t sophisticated, but these Minecraft-like graphics add to the app's popularity on Google Play and App Store. The game is suitable for children over 9 and got some positive reviews from parents. Contains in-app purchases and ads.

Graphics / Sound - 4

Trendy 8-bit graphics plays a crucial role in the parent’s positive game evaluation, and we are going to tell you which way. In Smashy Road the graphics are too generalized and undetailed to show violence or make kids accept crashed cars as something really existing. And this is good. To analyze it from the psychological point of view, it is reasonable and explainable: people enjoy emotions, speed and risks to give way to their impulse without hurting themselves (or anyone). Game sounds are neither attractive nor annoying and add to the general game experience. The game can be downloaded for Androids, iPhones or iPads for free, but actively persuades making in-app purchases. Discuss the opportunity with your parents – if you are a kid or tell your kids about limits – if you are a parent. It will make the game even more enjoyable for both parties.

Interface and Controls – 4

Both interface and controls of Smashy Road are super simple and understandable for players of any level. There are three basic controls: by swiping up you can accelerate to get away from the police, by swiping down your brake not to get in a car crash and by swiping right or left you can change lanes if you got tired from the same scenery.  They are easily remembered and are not likely to get mixed up. It is important to mention that no gameplay is 100% repeated, which improves the overall product quality perception.

Gameplay - 3

In this game, you are a restless racer, who dominates the road. Be a criminal to evade to the police for unknown reasons – by outdriving them you can add score points. You are to bypass numerous obstacles without hitting them and collect coins. Road domination is one of the most popular themes in world-renown computer and mobile games.

Smashy Road offers a wonderful opportunity to relax and test your reaction and motor skills and at the same time. For example, there are ducks crossing the road just when you are accelerating – your task is to keep them safe and sound. To unlock a new vehicle, you should have enough skills to collect enough coins. 

The stage is limitless, it means you can drive for really long collecting points until you get smashed by an object larger than you. Some people enjoy ranking up the leaderboards, while others enjoy the gameplay on its own. I would say the gameplay is somewhat boring, especially when comparing to Smashy Road: Wanted or Smashy Road: Arena. These two game sequels are a lot more dynamic, include more options and controls and feature more objects, cars and rewards.

Conclusion - not recommended

Although this game has almost everything to win the hearts of younger players aged 5-15, there are Smashy Road analogues that you can download for free that offer a lot more functionality, less advertising and invitations to make in-app purchases. The game may have replay value while the levels are changing all the time and none of them are the same. The minimalistic graphics and unobtrusive game sounds are more an advantage than a disadvantage, and all-in-all this app has a chance to be a must-have classic for your mobile device, but I personally know better options to spend my spare time.


Graphics 8

Gameplay 7

Controls 8

Replay Value 9

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