Snapchat is an app that was created by three Stanford students. The app was meant to be a way for people to have temporary pictures or videos that would disappear after 10 seconds. The app was released in September 2011 and since then has been able to maintain its popularity with young people. Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send photo or video messages to friends or followers. It also allows the users to capture photos and videos. The app then deletes these messages and photos after 10 seconds or less, unless the sender chooses to save these pictures.


Snapchat has many features that allow it to be used in a variety of ways. The features are as follows:

  • "Chat" allows for a temporary conversation that is deleted after both people have read it.
  • "Stories" allows for a temporary message that is deleted when a new one is posted.
  • "My story" allows for a temporary message that is deleted when a new one is posted.
  • "Snaps" allow for a temporary picture or video sent to a specific user.
  • "Filters" allow for an image to be altered to different color schemes.
  • "Memories" allow for the user to save a picture or video for 24 hours.
  • "Lenses" allow for the user to have a selfie with a variety of features including masks.
  • "Discover" allows for the user to see a list of stories from other Snapchat users.


The design of Snapchat is simple and sleek. The camera is located in the middle of the screen with buttons on the left and right side. There are also tabs at the bottom of the screen that allow for the user to switch between chats, stories, and memories.


Snapchat is easy to use. The app takes about two minutes to learn and there are clear instructions for every feature. The app is designed to be used by young people with quick reflexes.


Snapchat is a great app for young people as it is easy to use and has many features.