Snapchat is an app that was created by three Stanford students. The app was meant to be a way for people to have temporary pictures or videos that would disappear after 10 seconds. The app was released in September 2011 and since then has been able to maintain its popularity with young people. Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send photo or video messages to friends or followers. It also allows the users to capture photos and videos. The app then deletes these messages and photos after 10 seconds or less, unless the sender chooses to save these pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I download and install Snapchat?
    You can download Snapchat from your device's app store. On iOS, open the App Store, and on Android, go to the Google Play Store. Use the search bar to find Snapchat, tap 'Install', and wait for the app to download. Once installed, open the app to begin.
  • How do I create a Snapchat account?
    Open the Snapchat app, tap on 'Sign Up', and enter your personal information, including your name, birthday, and email address. Create a unique username and password, then verify through a captcha or phone number. Finally, add friends from your contacts or search for their username.
  • How do I send a snap?
    After opening Snapchat, tap the circular button to take a photo or hold it to record a video. You can then add filters or text if you wish. Tap the blue arrow to choose recipients from your friends' list, then tap 'Send'.
  • How can I add friends on Snapchat?
    Open Snapchat, tap the ghost icon or your Bitmoji at the top left, then 'Add Friends'. You can find friends by username, from your device's contacts, by scanning their Snapcode, or by location if they're nearby and have the feature activated.
  • What are Snapchat stories, and how do I view them?
    Snapchat stories are a compilation of snaps that last for 24 hours. To view them, open Snapchat and tap on the bottom-right icon (story icon). From there, you can view the stories of your friends or discover stories from publishers and creators.
  • How do I use filters and lenses on Snapchat?
    Open Snapchat and tap the camera button to take a photo. Swipe left or right to add filters. If you want to use lenses, tap and hold on your face before taking a photo, and scroll sideways to select a lens.
  • How do I save my snaps?
    To save a snap, tap the downward-facing arrow icon at the bottom left of your screen before you send the snap. This will save the snap to your Memories, a private album only you can see within the Snapchat app.
  • What is a Snap Map, and how can I use it?
    Snap Map shows the location of your Snapchat friends and a compilation of public snaps from a specific location. To use Snap Map, open Snapchat and pinch your fingers together as if you're zooming out on a map.
  • How do I change my privacy settings on Snapchat?
    Access your privacy settings by tapping on your Bitmoji or ghost icon, then the gear icon. From there, you can adjust who can contact you, view your story, see your location on Snap Map, and more.
  • What does it mean when emojis appear next to my Snapchat friends?
    Emojis on Snapchat represent the status of your relationship with a friend. For example, a yellow heart means they are your best friend, and a red heart means you've been each other's best friend for two weeks.