Star Trek™ Fleet Command, developed by Catwale Studios, is a game in which the player takes the role of a captain in the Starfleet. Player has to fight in space battles, while also managing the fleet and resources of their ship. The game is available on PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4.


The gameplay in Star Trek™ Fleet Command is the following: player takes on the role of captain of one of the Star Ship of the Starfleet, and is able to use the ship's technology, technology of the allies and technology of the enemies. Player can also design new equipment, ship and crew. The game is played in the campaign mode, which is separated in missions. Each mission has three different endings, depending on player's achievements. The game is played in three game modes. Single player campaign is the main mode of the game, and it contains 18 missions. The player is tasked with completing various objectives in each mission.

Multiplayer is divided into two game types: team multiplayer and player multiplayer. The former is played in teams of three, and the latter is played individually. The multiplayer game type contains 18 missions. The third game mode is team multiplayer. It is played in teams of three, and each player is responsible for one ship. The game mode contains 18 missions.


The graphics in Star Trek™ Fleet Command are 3D, with the game taking place in space. There are various types of units, ship and units. The game is very colorfully, with various types of lights, backgrounds and animations. The game has graphics that are faithful to Star Trek canon. The game features voice acting by Star Trek veterans, and the sound effects are vaguely reminiscent of the original Star Trek series.

Information about replayability

The game is very replayable, with various endings, different enemies, allies and technologies. The game also has an in-game encyclopedia, with information about the series Star Trek™, which is helpful for players who don't know much about the series.


Star Trek Fleet Command is a mobile game that is set in the Star Trek universe. The game is the brainchild of the developers of the popular game Star Trek Timelines. The game has three game modes: single player campaign, multiplayer, and team multiplayer.