Strategy of deep farm Clash of Clans

One of the drawbacks of fast strategies of farm (such as attack of female archers, barbarians and Archer, BAM) is the need to devote large amounts of time in the game. The alternative is a deep farm, that is attack is more expensive troops with removal of more than half of the buildings in the enemy base and inside base for the capture storage resources.

Strategy deep farm Clash of Clans with the greatest benefit for yourself you can use starting from level 7 town hall. It is quite clear that the higher the level of your town hall, the greater the choice of such strategies you have. For players lower level, it is still recommended to use other strategies of attack.

Farm giants Clash of Clans

The composition (calculated on 200 seats): 16 giants, 6-10 of wall breaker, 2 healers, 70 – 80 archers. Part of the archers, if desired, you can replace the goblins/barbarians. Also allowed to use healing spells. The advantage of this attack is that it is quite cheap and trains fast enough. This army is very versatile and is suitable for abandoned bases with the abundant resource in the mines, and live with food in their warehouses. Therefore, the search for victims of the attack will not take too much time. However, don’t attack too pumped base since the risk of losing. Details about the strategy the attack of the giants can be read at this link.

Farm balls Clash of Clans

The composition (calculated on 200 seats): 26 balloons, 30 archers, 20 minions), KK take either flies or balls. Also, we will need a healing spell. Only pay attention to guns, attacking through the air. The lower their level, the better. Don’t attack bases with strong air defenses and a well pumped by wizard towers (they are dangerous). This strategy is great for farm black elixir. Details about the strategy of attack balls can be read at this link.

Farm riders wild boars Clash of Clans

For training riders on the boars need to spend too much of the black elixir, and you risk to go into the red. Therefore, train them to a minimum. The composition (calculated on 200 seats): 12 riders on hogs, 5 wizards, 4-6 Strobel, 108-112 bows/barbarians/goblins. Bring the same healing spell. Your main task, in contrast to the classical attack of the pigs to demolish the defenses from one side of the base pigs, punching a way through the wall Stanovoye in the center of the base, the repositories, and then Sabarmati resources from the repository mages, bows, barbarians, goblins (or their combination), as you like. Enemy chooses carefully, miss databases with a large number of gaps inside. Such gaps can is giant bomb, the enemy No. 1 for riders on boars. And of course, do not attack an opponent that much ahead of you in level.

This review describes just some of the classic versions of the farm using inexpensive and fast learners of troops. Of course, in the game Clash of Clans and have more powerful troops such as dragons, p. E. K. K. a, golemi, witches. But to prepare such an army takes a lot of time and a lot of resource. On this farm they are not appropriate.