Suzy Cube is a 3D platformer video game developed by NorthernBytes Software and published by Noodlecake Studios. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS.


Suzy Cube follows the adventures of the titular protagonist, Suzy, as she tries to restore order to the kingdom of Cubeville after the evil witch, Huffington, and her minions have taken over. The levels are also filled with secrets to discover, and hidden areas to explore.

The game is a 3D platformer, and Suzy must navigate her way through various levels, avoiding obstacles and enemies, and collecting coins and other power-ups. The game features a variety of puzzles to solve, and Suzy can use her special abilities, such as a double jump and a ground pound, to help her progress. 

The objective of each level is to collect a number of coins, reach the exit, and optionally collect a hidden star. The game also features a number of power-ups that can be used to help Suzy reach her objectives, such as a double jump and a coin magnet.


Suzy Cube features colorful and vibrant graphics that give the game a cartoon-like look and feel. The game’s environments are well-detailed, and Suzy is well-animated as she runs and jumps her way through the levels. The character models are well-animated, and the game runs smoothly.

The graphics are colorful and detailed, and the environments are varied and well-designed. The character models are also well-rendered, and the animations are smooth. The character models are well-animated and the game runs smoothly, even on older devices.


Suzy Cube’s controls are straightforward and easy to learn. The game makes use of the standard control scheme for 3D platformers, and the controls are responsive and feel natural. The game is played with a virtual joystick and buttons for jumping and other actions. The controls are responsive and work well.


Suzy Cube is a game that can be replayable value. The game features a variety of levels to play through, and there are also a number of secrets and hidden areas to discover. In addition, the game’s puzzles can be challenging, and some may require multiple attempts to solve.

There are a total of 40 levels to play through, and the game features a number of secrets to discover. Additionally, the game features leaderboards and achievements that provide motivation to keep playing. There are also a few different difficulty levels to choose from, so players can adjust the challenge to their liking.


Suzy Cube is a fun and enjoyable 3D platformer that is perfect for fans of the genre. The game features colorful graphics, challenging puzzles, and hidden areas to explore. The controls are easy to learn, and the game is replayable value. If you’re looking for a new platforming game to play, definitely check out Suzy Cube.

Suzy Cube is an addicting platformer game that is perfect for players of all ages. The game features beautiful graphics, simple controls, and a high replay value. If you are looking for a fun and challenging platformer game, then look no further than Suzy Cube.