Tommy is back for more! Talking Tom Gold Run is the new game available on Google Play. The new game is a sequel to Talking Tom Gold Run. Talking Tom Gold Run is a game about running. It is a sequel to Talking Tom's Run, and it contains many of the same features. There are also many new features, such as new animations, new levels, and new power-ups. The game is free to download and play, and has in-game purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I collect more gold bars in the game?
    You collect gold bars when you're chasing the robber. The more you run, the more chances you get to collect gold bars. You can also get more gold by completing missions and daily challenges and hitting high scores.
  • Is Talking Tom Gold Run free to play?
    Yes, Talking Tom Gold Run is free to download and play. However, it does contain in-app purchases where you can buy items like dynamite, helmets, and gold bars.
  • How can I unlock more characters in the game?
    You can unlock more characters by collecting enough gold bars. Each character costs a specific amount of gold. Some special characters can also be unlocked through in-app purchases.
  • I accidentally made an in-app purchase. Can I get a refund?
    Refunds for accidental in-app purchases are usually handled by the app store from where you downloaded the game. You should contact their customer service for assistance.
  • How can I turn off the ads in the game?
    While the game is free to play, it is ad-supported. You can turn off the ads by making any in-app purchase.
  • What are the bonuses in the game?
    Bonuses can be anything from extra speed, a magnet that attracts gold bars, a helmet for protection, or dynamite to clear obstacles. They appear randomly as you run.
  • Is there a multiplayer mode in Talking Tom Gold Run?
    Although Talking Tom Gold Run is primarily a single-player game, it does have competitive elements. You can compete with other players through the leaderboards and see who has the highest scores.
  • What do I do if the game crashes or freezes?
    If the game crashes or freezes, try restarting your device. If the problem persists, check if there are any updates for the game. If none of these work, contact the game's support team.
  • How do I save my game progress?
    Your game progress is automatically saved on your device. If you want to save your progress across multiple devices, make sure you are signed in to the same account on all your devices.
  • How can I restore my game progress if I lose my device or delete the game?
    If you've signed into an account, simply re-download the game, sign into the same account, and your progress should be restored.