The spell of the poison – three ways to use battle of Clash of Clans

The spell poison is a powerful thing in your Arsenal. It occupies only one place in the vault of spells, so its use is very attractive for the destruction of troops from the Fortress of the Clan of the enemy. In this article we will discuss how to use it with maximum benefit for you.

The poisonous spell effect gradually, taking the lives of enemy troops. Therefore, the basis of its application is finding the enemies in the scope of this spells quite a long time. In addition, the strength of the actions of a few poison spells stack, so throwing two such spells on the enemy, it can be expected that the enemy will be destroyed faster. However, the use of two or more spells not necessary, because only one spell can completely destroy most of the troops.

How to apply the poison spell. There are two ways of its application.

The first method.

It’s pretty easy, just lure the troops from the Fortress of the Clan of the enemy in the corner of the map, group them together and throw them a poisonous spell. Then just watch the enemy evaporate. The key to victory – just patience and you will be able to see how even mages level 6 will evaporate without a trace from the spell of the poison 1 level.

The second method.

It requires some skill and calculation. It is the destruction of the troops from the Fortress of the Clan of the enemy without cajolery, and so to say “on the fly”. The bottom line is that not wasting the time of the attack (which is not much and it is not on your side) on extortion and waiting until the enemy troops will evaporate, just to destroy them while your main attack. This method is good when you use the attack these troops tanks like Golems or giants. Just start the attack as usual, and when the troops of the Fortress of the Clan of the enemy will come out, consider the place in which they will face your troops (it depends on what the troops out of CC) and throw a poison spell. Thus, the enemy troops will run out of the Fortress of the Clan, run into the circle of the spell and then die without making not a single shot (unless it’s mages high level). The exception is the witch, since she has a fairly large attack range, she will send their skeletons in an area with poisonous spells herself while being outside it.

The third way.

Do not use the poison spell on the army of the Fortress of the Clan, and to save it for another occasion. If you lured out of the Fortress of Clan troops which have a large number of health (giants, dragons, PEKKA or Golem even), then the use of a poisonous spell is not advisable, as it will not destroy them completely. Better save it. If you attack riders on hogs or giants, a major obstacle can be the skeletons out of closets. agree, not nice to see like 8 skeletons of two maximum pumped wardrobes shred to pieces your pigs (skeletons and pigs pretty quick). Here is where saved for a rainy day, a poisonous spell. Throw it at the skeletons out of the closet. But beware, here again, use really calculating and cold mind. Since the skeletons are quick, you should throw it in advance, calculating where to send your troops.