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You definitely know Tom and Jerry, and incorporating both characters in a mobile game makes it fun as most people can relate to it. This explains why both adults and kids find the game interesting. Here’s a detailed review of this lead game.

Graphics / Sound

Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze Android app has simple graphics details and enjoyable sounds. These graphics are ideal for the game, considering how simple and captivating the gameplay is. The characters move interestingly and watching them while playing is equally exciting as watching the show. Additionally, the background music in the app is similar to the one in the TV show, and the familiarity of the sounds adds to the fun. Here, I give the app a 4.5/5.

Interface and Controls

The feature of the game that I find quite interesting is the familiar user interface that makes it easy to play the game. At the earlier stages, the game begins with a simple setup, and more traps are introduced with the progress of the game. The controls are also convenient and straightforward, and each level offers a guiding system that you’ll follow. To direct Jerry in a particular direction, you’ll have to draw the path and Jerry will begin to move and follow every groove and turn you make on the drawing. The simple controls are ideal for this game. On this category, this app scores a 4.6/5.


There’s cheese everywhere, and little Jerry is out to get all of it. However, he still needs to be careful since Tom is around and on the prowl. So you need to assist Jerry race through levels that are fun-packed to collect the cheese while doing everything to avoid Tom in a classic cat and mouse game. To always stay ahead of Tom, you need to use some tools such as everyday household items and power-ups. That’s how exciting things are with this app for all Android devices.

The Google Play app for Android devices is free, but you’ll need to buy or unlock gameplay items through its in-app products that would cost you about $2 for each. However, it’s possible to play the game without spending any of your cash by disabling the in-app purchases from the settings. Interestingly, updating this app is advisable since the latest version comes with enhancements on the graphics.

The high replay value of the Android mobile app is in its set of challenges that will keep you motivated to overcome them. Additionally, the Tom and Jerry experience in itself will keep you playing the game over and over. One setback though; the game doesn’t have an iOS version. The app gets a 4.8/5 for its gameplay.


This game is generally fun since most people are familiar with it. It brings nostalgic memories to the adult audience that enjoyed watching the cartoon in the past while giving loads of excitement to kids who watch it currently. The game is easy to learn, but quite challenging in areas with traps and obstacles. One setback of this Google Android app is that it has lots of annoying ads. Additionally, it is only available for iOS devices or the Google Play app. Regardless, I still enjoy the fun and features, so I recommend it.


Graphics 9

Gameplay 8

Controls 8

Replay Value 9

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