Vivitar Smart Home is a home security system that is designed to protect your home from crime and intruders. The features of the system are accessed through a mobile device. You're able to see who's at the door, and if you want to open the door for them. You can also view your video feed and control the system through your phone.


The Vivitar Smart Home security system consists of a hub, which is connected to a doorbell, a door lock, a motion sensor, and a camera. The system is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

  • First, the hub is connected to your wifi network. 
  • The hub also connects to the doorbell, lock, and motion sensor. 
  • The hub also connects to the camera, which is used to monitor the front door. 
  • The motion sensor will detect if someone is approaching your door and will notify you.
  • When someone rings the doorbell, you'll be notified on your phone, and you can decide if you want to open the door or not.
  • The door lock will unlock if you are at home.


  • The design of Vivitar Smart Home is sleek and modern. 
  • The hub has a touchscreen display and is also a touchpad. 
  • The touchscreen display shows who is at the door. 
  • The design of the hub is sleek and modern.

Information about replayability of Vivitar Smart Home

The Vivitar Smart Home security system has a lot of replayability because it offers a lot of different features that can be used in many different ways.