With the transition of PUBG: Battlegrounds to the rails of the free-to-play system, the project was flooded with a huge number of newcomers. At the same time, although the game has a fairly detailed tutorial, without the advice of a more experienced friend in Discord, it is sometimes very difficult to deal with important elements of the game mechanics. One of these elements is the transfer of ammunition, weapons, and medicines to a friend. We explain the process to you.

How to ask a friend for ammo and a first aid kit in PUBG: Battlegrounds on PC

If you play as a team, sometimes you need to coordinate your actions, which can be a problem when you don't have a voice chat. This is especially critical if you run out of ammo or have nothing to heal with.

In this case, the interaction wheel, which is called by clicking on the mouse wheel, is useful.

How to share ammunition, weapons, and medicines in PUBG: Battlegrounds on PC

It's pretty simple here. All items are transferred according to the same principle:

Go to the inventory ( [Tab]).
Select the desired item. If you want to transfer the entire available amount of these items (for example, cartridges), simply move the item icon to the "Surroundings" field, which is located at the left edge of the screen. If you want to share, for example, half of the selected items, move them by holding down [Ctrl]. We provide instructions on how to accomplish it.
Now, if you decide to share a certain amount, enter a value. By default, the game offers to give half.

The object will be lying right under your feet. The second player only needs to come up and pick it up.