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  • Samsung Will Share Plans at the Developers Conference
    • John Day
    • Oct, 13 2021
    Samsung Will Share Plans at the Developers Conference The Developer Conference by Samsung Company is going to be about the future plans, including the strategies for its ecosystem and platform. They invite creators and developers from around the world to check out the new opportunity that the company offers for them. The conference will take place on October 26. This is the annual event where Samsung shares its plans and strategies for the upcoming year. This time it will be completely virtual. Developers will be able to join lectures and find out more about the successful experience on the market. Samsung wants to talk more about updates it made in...
  • Snapchat Offers New Ways to Earn Money
    • John Day
    • Oct, 11 2021
    Snapchat Offers New Ways to Earn Money Snapchat officials provide more opportunities for content creators. They expand earning money possibilities for the artists. Now everyone can join the so-called Spotlight Challenges that offer $25 000 payouts for content creation. According to Snap, the new challenge provides a chance to every artist who uses Snapchat to reveal their masterpiece and earn money at the same time. Users may create Spotlight Snaps using specific topics, Sounds, and Lenses to take part in the Challenges. This new offer is part of the millions per month program started by Spotlight Snaps. Its main goal is to reward talented users around the world...
  • A Few Steps to Remove a Device From Google Home
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Oct, 06 2021
    A Few Steps to Remove a Device From Google Home Now the technology market can offer you numerous devices to make your home-life as comfortable as possible. But what if there are too many devices, or they have lost their relevance? Getting rid of the unnecessary smart home gadget from the Google Home app doesn't require a lot of complicated steps. In this simple guide, we'll show you how to do it. What Is Google Home App? These days, there's a smart version of pretty much every home device you can think of. Via the app, you can check or change the settings at your house from anywhere. Google Home is a...
  • Amazon Robots Will Steal Your Heart
    • John Day
    • Oct, 04 2021
    Amazon Robots Will Steal Your Heart Do you believe that inanimate objects can evoke your sympathy or even emotional attachment? The creators of the Anki Vector robot presented an adorable-looking thing with a limited number of commands. As soon as this little one lifts his pixelated eyes and speaks your name, you will immediately understand that this is not an ordinary robot. Psychology Behind Cute Eyes  Anki Vector is capable of many tasks if you have the time to program it. Despite the dubious usefulness of the gadget, it is about the look that makes the owners carry the robot home. So what's so special about this cute...
  • Apple TV Had Lower Ratings in July
    • Amelia Foster
    • Sep, 30 2021
    Apple TV Had Lower Ratings in July Previously, it has never been reported about the number of subscribers of the Apple TV app. Apple had no reason to make such announcements. However, the app had less than 20 million users in July. That means Apple TV can pay a lower rate to IATSE members, and it doesn’t matter how much the app franchise costs. Some of them required millions of dollars for only one episode. And there are series of them, but still, the company that has less than 20 million subscribers can pay less. Apple TV is not the only app on this list. A union representative...
  • New Google App to Replace Android Remote TV
    • Amelia Foster
    • Sep, 28 2021
    New Google App to Replace Android Remote TV Android Remote TV app isn’t available now on Play Market and soon will be replaced with more contemporary Google Remote TV. Only if you have downloaded this app before, you will still be able to see it in store and on a website. The reason for such a change is the Google Remote TV upgraded interface and functions. Google will not support the Android Remote TV anymore. Overall, the apps are quite comparable, but the second one is reported to be handier in usage.  "We’re making the experience of using your phone as a virtual remote control faster to access and...
  • Matter-Branded Products to Meet in 2022
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Sep, 24 2021
    Matter-Branded Products to Meet in 2022 Matter is an absolutely new technology that connects electronic devices in one single app. This idea was supported by such huge corporations as Amazon, Apple, and Google. They strive to create the Matter brand and open the Internet of Things. The launching of this large innovation is planned for 2022. The exact date is not known yet, but it seems the tech giants are primed quite seriously. People will be able to purchase such objects as lightning systems, TVs and similar gadgets, kitchen appliances, and thermostats. In a short word, it relates to anything you might need for the smart house,...
  • Enjoy Apple TV with AirPods Now
    • John Day
    • Sep, 22 2021
    Enjoy Apple TV with AirPods Now Apple releases multiple updates these days, and Apple TV hasn’t been passed by too. Now you can enjoy watching movies with the spatial audio support for AirPods. If you want to try something completely new, you can pair your TV with HomePod Mini speakers. Maybe, such a sound will please you more. It’s a small list of the main features Apple TV 4K got with the update. Apple improved mostly the sound, but a SharePlay function and opening application with FaceID are also available. Switching to AirPods for private listening is designed quite easily. When the TV application detects your headphones...
  • Google Home Rolls Out Device Speed Test
    • Amelia Foster
    • Sep, 17 2021
    Google Home Rolls Out Device Speed Test At last, Google is adding an option to test the upload/download speed between the WiFi hotspot and the connected devices via the Google Home App. The feature traveled from the older Google Wifi app, and you can finally get it in the latest version of the Home for iOS and Android.  The New Section After the update, you can access the feature from the new “Device Speed” sub-tab hidden in the “Info” section. To find it, you have to select the device you want to test, find “WiFi Shortcut,” and tap “Devices.” Regardless of the device you choose, you will be able...
  • The Secrets of Apple TV+ Product Placement
    • Louise Wells
    • Sep, 15 2021
    The Secrets of Apple TV+ Product Placement Apple TV+ doesn’t only stream content but also writes and produces it in tight collaboration with partners. Given this, there’s no surprise that the tech giant advertises its products in the scenes of its shows. However, the idea behind Apple’s product placements is quite complex and exciting.  Everything Has a Reason The Wall Street Journal conveyed a survey that included binging through 74 episodes of top Apple TV+ shows. The list included Trying, Ted Lasso, Defending Jacob, and The Morning Show. WSJ analysts figured out the particular reasons for each type of product placement in these shows.  The “inspected” 74 episodes include: 300 iPhones 40...
  • Apple TV Channels Subscribers Receive SHOWTIME for Free
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Sep, 08 2021
    Apple TV Channels Subscribers Receive SHOWTIME for Free Apple subscribers can enjoy free access to SHOWTIME for 1 month via the Apple TV Channels. It’s great news for everyone who likes the premium TV network since you don’t have to pay for both subscriptions at once… at least, for a month. Apple shared the news in an email to their subscribers. New users may enjoy the deal the whole weekend of Labor Day. Whether it is a gift from fans of Billions show ahead of the 5th season starting on September 5 or a well-developed smart move to attract a bigger audience, we are still happy to use the...
  • Amazon Plans to Release Its Own TVs in October
    • John Day
    • Sep, 06 2021
    Amazon Plans to Release Its Own TVs in October Amazon has been planning to release its branded TV for a long time. According to the latest report of Insider, the company will finally do this in October for the US audience. The new TV will have a screen up to 55-75 inches, come with Alexa installed, and will be designed by third-party developers like TCL. The next product that might be released in the future is the in-house designed TV, but there have been no details about it. Amazon has numerous partnerships with other companies when it comes to TV services. They team up with Best Buy for selling Toshiba,...