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  • What to Know about AppTrans
    • Louise Wells
    • Jun, 07 2021
    What to Know about AppTrans While it all seems simple, there are some things you need to know to make the process even smoother. Turn on USB Debugging mode on your Android device. AppTrans contains an instruction on how to do it and displays it to you as you start the process. It has detailed instructions for Samsung, Sony, and Huawei devices, and a generic one for the rest. It’s required regardless of whether you switch from Android to iPhone, or vice versa. Check the storage status. It’s displayed at each phone image in the application window. If you have a lot of videos and photos in...
  • Take Your WhatsApp Data Between iPhone and Android
    • John Day
    • Jun, 04 2021
    Take Your WhatsApp Data Between iPhone and Android The most scandalous thing about WhatsApp, the most popular messenger in the world, is that in more than a decade it did not offer an official way to transfer chat history across system. It’s okay if you replace your iPhone with a newer iPhone, or switch from your old Samsung Galaxy to the newest OnePlus, within Android ecosystem. But what if you jump from Android to iOS?   The problem would not exist if WhatsApp had its own cloud for storing chat logs and attachments. But as it uses iCloud on iOS and Google Drive on Android, there have to be third-party...
  • Amazon Sidewalk Will Enhance the Work of Smart Home Devices
    • Louise Wells
    • May, 28 2021
    Amazon Sidewalk Will Enhance the Work of Smart Home Devices If you have smart home devices, you probably know the problem when they all of a sudden lose network connectivity. This can happen to anything from your security camera to outdoor lights. A solution for this problem called Amazon Sidewalk has been discussed since 2019, and it will finally become available on June 8. The work of the system is based on the concept of community network expansion. It will use certain smart home devices and some of your Wi-Fi network at home to broadcast data. This will be done with the help of the 900MHz spectrum and Bluetooth, so you...
  • Controlling Home Devices is Now Possible with Tasker and Alexa
    • Dominic Hayes
    • May, 25 2021
    Controlling Home Devices is Now Possible with Tasker and Alexa Tasker is a popular automation app used on Android devices. It offers different activation methods to change settings in other apps. Now, with the new AutoVoice Tasker plugin update, it’s possible to control smart home devices that are connected to Alexa. The update allows you to perform Alexa routines on your smartphone. The new AutoVoice is designed in the form of a virtual light switch. You can flip the light switch in a Tasker profile, and Alexa will perform specific tasks based on what it is connected to. You can enable Alexa even without a smart speaker, as all that is...
  • The Perfect Tool to Transcribe ZOOM Meetings
    • Hannah Marsh
    • May, 22 2021
    The Perfect Tool to Transcribe ZOOM Meetings Since 2020, Zoom has become a work environment of choice. One of its strengths is supporting third-party tools, along with a wide array of built-in ones. What Zoom lacks (so far) is the tool of transcribing its records, to present it as text automatically in case this representation suits the needs more. The Otter Solution  Here is the solution from Otter.ai, a popular note-taking tool developer. Of course, it supports voice notes, both as records and as dictated texts. Compatibility with other tools is as important for Otter.ai, as it is for Zoom. For example, as you create your account on Otter.ai,...
  • New Google Maps Features Revealed on Google I/O 2021
    • John Day
    • May, 19 2021
    New Google Maps Features Revealed on Google I/O 2021 Google Maps was slowly growing to become the best navigation tool (at least since hardware GPS devices aren’t a mass thing). But there are still places for improvement, as the latest Google I/O conference shows. A whole array of new features has been revealed, and it looks like soon they will roll out to users’ devices. The most impressive of then is AR Live View: a tool that shows you the route to your destination on the real view of your environment through the camera. Of course, this AI-based tool will be available only in select areas first, and then spread...
  • Amazon, Apple and Google Form Common Smart Device Certification
    • John Day
    • May, 12 2021
    Amazon, Apple and Google Form Common Smart Device Certification It seems there is finally something that Google, Apple, and Amazon agree upon. In May 2021, the tech giants announced that their products would support Matter, the versatile smart home device platform first announced in 2019. So far, there are smart locks, light bulbs, hubs, sensors, and other devices already Matter-certified, but this grand collaboration will probably foster their growth.  Not only does Matter support various means of connection (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more). It also lets the user control the device with voice commands thfough any compatible voice assistant. Each company from the Big 3 has its own – Apple...
  • Six Tricks about Google Maps You Didn’t Know
    • Amelia Foster
    • May, 04 2021
    Six Tricks about Google Maps You Didn’t Know Such a big product as Google Maps (with all the data its servers store) has more tricks than most users know. Here are six hacks you can use to enhance your experience with the mobile app and the web version of it. ·      Live View in Directions mode helps locate yourself better, no matter if you’re walking or driving (though we’d only recommend using it when walking). ·      If you go to an unfamiliar place, give it a minute with Street View before you set off. You will get a visual image of the spot. Even if the...
  • Vivaldi Browsers Update to Kill Cookie Prompts
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Apr, 30 2021
    Vivaldi Browsers Update to Kill Cookie Prompts The yesterday’s update of Vivaldi for both desktops and mobile devices solves one of the most annoying problems of every browser. Now users can once and for all block all the cookie pop-ups that appear on most sites you visit for the first time (thanks to GDPR). All you need to do for this is tick the box in the options and enable Ad and Tracker Blocker. To activate this option and save your time and nerve, go to Settings and choose the Privacy tab. In the Tracker and Ad Blocking section choose “Manage Sources” and then Ad Blocking”. Activate “Remove...
  • Telegram to Introduce Its Videoconference Feature
    • Louise Wells
    • Apr, 28 2021
    Telegram to Introduce Its Videoconference Feature It started as a minimalistic messenger, and later Telegram embraced a publishing platform, chat bots, video calls, Clubhouse-like audio chats… Now Telegram is testing its videoconference feature for both mobile and desktop apps, and it won’t take long. In fact, as Pavel Durov announced in his post, it’s rather a video extension to voice chats than a completely new element. The way it looks is similar to Zoom. In portrait mode, it displays active speakers with highlighted microphone and camera pictograms, and the one speaking at the moment is shown on the video. In landscape mode, it’s similar to Zoom, showing...
  • New Apps on Epic Games Store (Plus Another Game Store)
    • John Day
    • Apr, 23 2021
    New Apps on Epic Games Store (Plus Another Game Store) While we mostly visit Epic Store to see what new games (or discounts) are there, there is a lot of non-gaming apps, and recently Epic promised to roll out some more. The recent batch of non-gaming apps to be released on Epic is a bit strange but at least interesting, featuring both basic creative tools and already popular entertaining services. By adding Itch.io, Epic gives its customers access to thousands of indie games already featured there. For the developers publishing their products on Itch.io, though, it’s an incredible way to reach wider audience that’s in the millions. Even if a minor...
  • Residual, a New Platformer to Come to Nintendo Switch
    • John Day
    • Apr, 20 2021
    Residual, a New Platformer to Come to Nintendo Switch Platformers turned out to be great at survival as a genre, as well as many of its fans. Nintendo has relied on platformers a lot to gain its success in video games. So any platformer for Nintendo Switch is a match made in heaven. Including Residual, a new platformer by Apogee Publishing announced for Switch. The character of the game is exploring an alien planet in a strange dangerous galaxy. Unlike many platformers, this one does not imply constant moving. You will be able to build fires and collect food, learn local species and ways to avoid them, collect resources and...