Although TES V: Skyrim was released back in 2011, the game is not outdated and is the last in the series. For more than 10 years, it has received a bunch of additions and two reissues. Therefore, new players appear in the game who are not aware of all the game mechanics and lore. This article will help beginners to understand the main routes of the game.

Previously, when crafting a character, players were required to select a class, foundational abilities, and astrological signs. Currently, the sole decision impacting gameplay is the character's race. This is not to say that this is an important matter; you can also make a magician out of an orc and dress up a tall elf in heavy armor. However, understanding the predispositions associated with each race remains beneficial.


Argonian screenshot

Skills: +10 to hacking, +5 to light armor, stealth, pickpocketing, recovery, and modification

Features: underwater breathing, disease resistance 50%

Spells: flame, healing

Special Skill: tenfold health regeneration rate within one minute

Argonians are lizardmen, inhabitants of the Black Swamps southeast of Tamriel. Among all the races, their appearance is the most distinctive. They possess a natural inclination toward stealthy activities such as thievery, yet they also have a unique ability that can be deployed once per day - with certain exceptions (refer to Khajiit for comparison). This particular skill can turn the tide in even the harshest of combats, making it exceptionally beneficial for those who pursue the path of a warrior.

Disease resistance is a useless thing because even vampirism in the initial stages is easily treated with a first—aid kit or a trip to the altar. In summary, given that underwater breathing seldom serves a significant purpose in the game, it is advisable to play an Argonian as a warrior or thief, although they don't particularly excel in any specific area.


Breton screenshot

Skills: +10 to witchcraft, +5 to eloquence, change, restoration, alchemy, and illusion

Features: Magic resistance 25%

Spells: flame, healing, summoning a pet

Special skill: Enemy spells are absorbed by 50% (converted to mana) within one minute

The inhabitants of High Rock, a northwestern province that also encompasses the kingdom of Daggerfall, are known as Bretons. Skills and features open up a direct path to magic for the Bretons, but I do not advise doing pure magicians in the game since they live much worse than warriors and thieves.

But you can make a warrior out of a Breton — moreover, a warrior who is excellent and very resistant to magic. There is not much magic damage in Skyrim, but a lot exists, and it's crucial for a warrior to withstand an attack — especially if it's dealt from a distance and the enemy still needs to be confronted. A special skill comes into play here, too. A special skill goes there, too.

The High Elf

The High Elf skyrim races

Skills: +10 to illusion, +5 to sorcery, destruction, enchantment, alteration, and restoration

Features: +50 Mana

Spells: flame, healing, rage

Special skill: mana replenishes at a pace of 25% of its maximum capacity per second, continuing this regeneration process for a duration of sixty seconds

Pure magicians. It couldn't be cleaner. And it's a pity that the developers showed such dislike for pure magicians. Having a larger mana pool won't be enough to protect you against high-level adversaries who possess substantial amounts of health. Racial mana regeneration, of course, is still a battery, but you can use it only once a day — this skill will not help much here.

The Imperial

The Imperial game character

Skills: +10 to recovery, +5 to enchantment, destruction, one-handed weapon, block, heavy armor

Features: a modest increase in the quantities of gold the protagonist uncovers within the treasure chests

Spells: flame, healing

Special skill: Nearby enemies stop attacking within one minute

The Imperial warrior is standard, one piece. The developers suggest that guests from Cyrodiil use one-handed weapons with a shield, be treated as needed and wear heavy armor. Nearly all aspects seem appealing, however, the heavy armor could be substituted with lighter armor. The difference in protection is not so great (especially for blacksmiths), and light armor weighs much less, and it is more convenient to wear it.


Hadjit screenshot

Skills: grants a +10 bonus to stealth skills and a +5 increase to proficiency in one-handed weaponry, marksmanship, computer intrusion techniques, thievery through pickpocketing, and potion crafting

Features: quadruple damage in fights (without weapons)

Spells: flame, healing

Special skill: Night vision mode for one minute (can be used as much as you want)

The cat-like Khajiit are cute guys. Originating from the southern region of Elsweyr, it is expected that we stereotype them as conventional thieves. But I would say that they should be taken solely because of their appearance. The main skills of the Khajiit, Night Vision, and Fourfold damage in hand-to-hand combat are weaker than those of other races.

The Forest Elf

The Forest Elf game art

Skills: +10 for shooting, +5 for alchemy, pickpocketing, lock picking, stealth, and light armor

Features: resistance to diseases and poisons 50%

Spells: flame, healing

Special skill: taming any animal for one minute

Forest elves are archers and thieves, too. The enhancement of their abilities is indicated by the increase in their bonus. But with everything else, they have full seams. Resistance to poisons is very rarely useful, and I have already mentioned diseases - they are harmless. To domesticate an animal, which can be attempted once daily, you must initially locate it. This task proves challenging in the open outdoors and is significantly more difficult within the confines of dungeons.


skyrim Nord game art

Skills: +10 for two-handed weapons, +5 for blacksmithing, blocking, one-handed weapons, eloquence, and light armor

Features: 50% cold resistance%

Spells: flame, healing

Special skill: all nearby enemies run away in panic for thirty seconds

The Nords are classic warriors. They can swing a huge axe over their heads, and they can carry a shield and a sword. In a difficult situation, like the Imperials, they can take a break for half a minute — however, only if the enemies are nearby.

However, the most impressive attribute of the Nords is their innate ability to withstand cold temperatures. I can safely say that this is the best gaming feature in Skyrim. Why? Because it's cold here, and the enemies here very often beat with cold magic. Many dragons breathe cold. Witches and wizards throw cold icicles in the fresh air and in the dungeons. And finally, the cold gusts from the Nordic tombs — the Vikings who rose from the dead delight in chilling those who disturbed them. And you will go to the tombs often. So if in doubt, take Nord. You won't regret it. The race is both useful and quite cute.


skyrim Orc screenshot

Skills: +10 to heavy armor, +5 to blacksmithing, blocking, two-handed and one-handed weapons, and enchantment

Features: None

Spells: flame, healing

Special skill: Within a minute in melee, incoming damage is halved, and the damage inflicted is doubled

Against the background of the mighty Nords, the orcs somehow get lost, although they seem to be warriors too. Besides, if I were the Orcs, I would be offended at the developers for not giving them any resistance. Even a small increase in health would be helpful. But, alas, the orcs turned out to be unworthy of such a small thing.

Nevertheless, the opportunity to take a whole minute and chop up everyone around with almost impunity is useful in boss battles. But once a day... is somehow not enough if the player is not ready to force the orc into bed after each dungeon.


Redguard gameplay screenshot

Skills: +10 for one-handed weapons, +5 for blacksmithing, shooting, changing, destroying, and blocking

Features: 50% poison resistance%

Spells: flame, healing

Special skill: within a minute, energy is restored at a tenfold rate

The Redguards, the Orcs' neighbors in Hammerfell province, are also warriors. Alas, they lose to both Nords and Orcs in their field. Their racial trait is somewhat clueless, poisons in Skyrim are not such a big problem.

There are few spiders in the game that cannot seriously poison, and besides them, you can only find poisonous creatures in the Dwemer ruins. But the endless supply of energy once a day allows the Redguards to sprint for a whole minute, bludgeon enemies with enhanced strikes and sniper fire from afar. It's not much, but it's also useful.

The Dark Elf

The Dark Elf gameplay screenshot

Skills: +10 to destruction, +5 to stealth, light armor, illusion, alchemy, and change

Features: 50% fire resistance%

Spells: flame, healing, sparks

Special skill: The Flame Cocoon deals 10 units of periodic damage to all surrounding enemies for one minute

The dark elves, the inhabitants of Morrowind, are specific magicians. Judging by their features and skills, the developers wanted to make them "fighting wizards" wearing light armor, brandishing some kind of cold steel, and casting spells. This class is quite viable in the game, and fire resistance, although not as useful as cold resistance, will help in a fight with flamethrower dragons.