Elden Ring is a game not only about overcoming, tactics, and exploring the world but, first of all, about finding the most effective combination of characteristics of objects and a character that will help make the gameplay comfortable (as much as it is, of course, possible in such a project).

In this guide, we will try to make it easier for you by offering you the top five, in our opinion, weapons that can be found in the gloomy world of the Interfamily for various purposes.

The Best Sword With A Normal Attack Is The "Sword Of Night And Flame"

Sword Of Night And Flame game screen

A weapon that will make it easy to deal with most of the bosses in the game. All thanks to the "Comet of the Night" skill, which allows you to shoot energy charges that pierce through enemies. Moreover, this is such a powerful spell that the most hardcore players treat this match with contempt.

Attack: critical damage - 100, block - 31, physical damage - 87.
Requirements: strength - 12, dexterity - 12, wisdom - 24, faith - 24.
How to improve: with stones of darkness.
Where to look: in the Estate of Caria (Lake Liurnia), in the chest, which is located in the east wing of the building.
Suitable: for those who play as an Astrologer or another "hybrid" class.
Weight: 4.

The Best Magic Weapon Is The "Sword Of The Karian Knight"

Karian Knight Sword screen

An ideal purchase for those who pump up a magician and pour everything they can into an indicator of wisdom. The special perk of this sword doubles the amount of damage inflicted, which will allow you to eliminate strong opponents quite comfortably.

Attack: physical damage - 88, magic damage - 88, critical damage - 100, block - 31.
Requirements: strength - 10, dexterity - 10, wisdom -18.
How to improve: with ordinary blacksmithing stones.
Where to look: Lake Liurnia, in a cart, which is located on the road west of the place of grace, "Four Bell Towers."
Suitable: for for magicians.
Weight: 4.

The Best Long-range Weapon Is The "Hand Ballista"

Hand-Ballista screenshot

An excellent weapon for destroying enemies at long range and supporting friends with fire in cooperative mode. The only disadvantage is the low rate of fire. But if you hit an opponent, you will cause enormous damage.

Attack: physical damage - 77, critical damage - 100, block - 55.
Requirements: strength - 30, dexterity - 14.
How to improve: blacksmithing stones.
Where to look: at the top of the Forest Watchtower (Crying Peninsula).
Suitable: for archers and team players.
Weight: 10.

The Best Weapon For PvP Is The Winged Scythe

Winged-Scythe screenshot

The Winged Scythe is a two-handed weapon that is useful not only for impressive damage indicators but also for a skill that will prevent opponents from using flasks of crimson tears. In addition, the scythe also has a bleeding effect on everyone you fight (with the exception of bosses).

Attack: physical damage - 87, critical damage - 100, block - 30.
Requirements: strength - 16, dexterity - 16, faith - 24.
How to improve: blacksmithing stones of darkness.
Where to look: in a chest in the dungeon "Leading to the tomb" (west of the Weeping Peninsula).
Suitable: for anyone, any build is sharpened for battles by other players.
Weight: 7.5 kg.

The Best Weapon For The Co-op Is The Golden Halberd

Golden-Halberd screenshot

Another weapon that will suit builds that are built on strength and faith. It is extremely useful when playing with friends because of the special skill "Golden Vow," which allows you to increase damage and protection for all players in the team that are next to the owner of the halberd.

Attack: physical damage - 134, critical damage - 100, block - 43.
Requirements: strength - 30, dexterity - 14, faith - 12.
How to improve: with stones of darkness.
Where to look: falls from the Guardian of the tree.
Suitable: for warriors and combat magicians.
Weight: 13.5 kg.

The Best Damage Is The "Misericord"

Misericord screenshot

It's a universal solution for players who just want huge damage and nothing extra. It will be suitable for almost any build. It should be considered more as an additional weapon. Although, of course, if you want to run exclusively with this blade, then who dares to tell you?

Attack: physical damage - 92, critical damage - 140, block - 15.
Requirements: strength - 7, dexterity - 12.How to improve: with ordinary blacksmithing stones.
Where to look: on the lower level of Stormvale Castle. You need to go to a secret room, which is located behind a foggy wall near one of the main bosses of the location. To get into the room itself, you will have to use the xiphoid key on the statue of the demon.
Suitable: for all classes.
Weight: 2.

Of course, there are much more powerful weapons in the game, and each of the players somehow finds what gives the best damage indicator in his unique build.