Gibraltar is a powerful Legend that can be crucial in any team composition. His unique abilities and hardy stature make him an ideal choice for players who want to take on the role of the front line tank. In this guide, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about Gibraltar, including his tactical ability, passive ability, ultimate ability, and some useful loadout recommendations. With these tips in hand, you’ll soon be able to make the most of your big man with a heart of gold!

Why Use Gibraltar? Introductory Defense

Gibraltar is one of the best characters for new Apex Legends players because he protects himself and his teammates. His Gun Shield passive allows him to block incoming fire from enemies while aiming down sights. He also has access to Dome Of Protection, which creates a large energy shield that blocks out all incoming attacks from outside sources such as grenades or gunfire for 15 seconds – giving your team plenty of time to find cover or regroup before facing another attack. Finally, when it comes time for an offensive push into enemy territory, his Defensive Bombardment ultimate gives him an edge by calling down several missiles that deal area-of-effect damage while providing additional defensive cover in narrow corridors or objectives points like capture points or supply bins.

Basics of Playing as Gibraltar: Utilize His Unique Abilities

First and foremost, it’s important to understand just how powerful Gibraltar can be when used correctly. He has two key abilities that set him apart from other characters in Apex Legends; Gun Shield and Dome of Protection. These two abilities are his bread-and-butter for dominating the battlefield, so let’s look at them now.

Basics of Playing as Gibraltar game

Gun Shield: Protect Yourself From Enemy Fire

Gibraltar's Gun Shield ability allows him to deploy a shield which will protect himself from incoming enemy fire while he's reloading or reviving downed allies. This is an incredibly valuable tool because it gives your team more time on the field without worrying about taking damage from incoming bullets or grenades. When using this ability, remember that it only lasts 8 seconds before vanishing - so make sure you use it wisely!

Dome of Protection: Keep Your Team Safe From Danger

Gibraltar's ultimate ability is called Dome of Protection, and it creates a dome around your whole squad which prevents any incoming damage while allowing your team members inside its walls safe passage away from danger zones or skirmishes they don't want to get involved with, yet still providing support fire if needed. The Dome lasts 10 seconds before disappearing completely, but during those 10 seconds it'll provide invaluable protection for your squadmates against enemies who might try flanking or ambushing them mid-battlefield clash! Just remember, though - once gone, there's no way back into safety until another dome gets deployed again later on down the use it wisely!

Gibraltar Gameplay: Close But No Cigar

When playing as Gibby, it's important not get too carried away trying to tank every bullet - instead focus on protecting yourself first, then worry about protecting your allies afterwards; this way, you'll stay alive longer, which will give your squad more breathing room during engagements plus allow them more chances at eliminating hostiles quicker than usual due its increased firepower thanks in part by having one extra body around leading up towards victory!

Gibraltar Gameplay of game

When it comes time for fights, though, remember that positioning is key, so don't forget where enemies could be hiding/lurking nearby even if they're far away from view yet still within range from shooting back at you, so utilize defensive strategies like utilizing walls/barriers between two sides during gunfights or taking shelter somewhere safe until situation stabilizes itself again don't take too long otherwise opponents may gain leverage over yours'squad party instead!

Support Class: Get Back To The Fight When playing support class with Gibby, remember that he acts like a shield between allies and danger; focusing primarily on keeping threats away rather than leading assaults directly himself however, depending upon current situation, feel free do whatever necessary whether it be attacking targets with guns blazing if needed though keep mind should other members'health drop below critical levels immediately fall back protect them first before anything else since they're much weaker compared others who might survive few hits here there but won't last long enough without proper medical attention eventually costing whole team potential win later down the line!

Loadout Recommendations

For loadouts, try equipping weapons such SMGs LMGs, shotguns, assault rifles etc., depending upon preference though generally speaking, SMGs offer better mobility while LMGs provide superior firepower overall due magazines containing higher amount rounds per clip, making a difference between life death situations, especially those involving larger groups foes simultaneously so use wisely plan accordingly prior going into battle each round order maximize effectiveness output throughout encounter(s)!